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The Asigo System Review

Today, eCommerce and digital marketing are popular topics with constant changes and new trends. As more and more people dive into the eCommerce world and try to set up their own businesses, they may struggle to keep up with what is current, which could prevent them from actually making the kind of profits that they want. That is one of the biggest problems for people working in eCommerce and digital marketing. That is where the Asigo System comes into play. Below you will find a comprehensive review of the system so you will know precisely if it is something for you.

Who Are Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz?

Chris Much and Jay Cruiz are both experts in the digital marketing and eCommerce field and together came up with the Asigo System and the Ampifire software that together are designed to help and train everyone from beginners to experienced entrepreneurs on developing a successful online business. The system that they created has been proven to be successful even with novices, and the software is designed to make running an eCommerce business a breeze. This is not the first brainchild of Chris Munch. He also developed and launched the 100k Shoutout program that was hugely successful. It was a viral program amongst internet marketers and students.

What is the Asigo System?

The Asigo System is a training course that comes with the application tools you need to set up and manage your own e-store, including a software known as Ampifire that automates the entire process for you. This system is proven to work and can help both novices in the field that don’t know anything about eCommerce or digital marketing and seasoned eCommerce entrepreneurs who are looking for a new, better way to make money online.

The Asigo System teaches anyone how to start an eCommerce business that can generate 100 thousand dollars or more in the first year that it launched. The business model taught during the training course removes all the typical headaches and problems that come with eCommerce, such as inventory, shipping, suppliers, and traffics. It does this by teaching you how to sell high ticket e-service with reoccurring sales.

The business model is similar to dropshipping. Customers will come to you, and you will connect them with the service they are looking for that is both sold and completed online. Examples of these services are online taxes, software trials, and applying for online credit reports. Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz will teach you how to make 1000 dollars or more per month for every single sale. This system is entirely new to the field and will most likely become more and more popular.

The system has not launched yet. It’s pre-launch is currently scheduled for July 23rd, 2020 and the launch cart is expected to open on July 28th, 2020. The cart will then remain open until it closes on August 6th, 2020. There are benefits to signing up during the pre-launch, but it is not necessary.

What Comes with the Training Program?

The training program is impressive on its own as it provides you with the complete step by step instructions that you need to start and manage an e-store business with ease, but it comes with so much more. First, the course comes support from experts in the digital marketing and eCommerce field. These experts will work under Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz to help guide you towards finding success just as they have.

The training program also, as mentioned above, comes with a software tool known as Ampifire. Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz specially designed this software to automate e-store services completely, so running your business even easier for you and takes much less manpower/hours. You get this tool at no extra cost to you. You will be able to use a prebuilt traffic tool that will send pre-qualified buyers directly to your e-store from a pool of over forty million people.

You will have complete access to a five-step system that goes beyond merely helping you set up an e-store to show you how to run a profitable one that will allow you to generate the kind of profit mentioned above, 100 thousand in a year or more. This five-step model has been tested and proven time and time again to be successful for a variety of people with different levels of prior knowledge and experience.

Finally, as a new business owner, you will need a logo and a brand. The Asigo System comes with both of these things. By the time you have finished the course, you will have your own unique brand and logo. It can often take new business owners weeks, months, or more money to come up with a brand and logo that they like, but you do not need to worry about wasting that time or money with the Asigo System.

Pros to the Asigo System

While there are many advantages to the Asigo System, below you will find a comprehensive list of the biggest ones.

Perhaps the most significant benefit or pro to the Asigo system is the support that it offers. Once you purchase the system, you will have access to an entire team of experts that will work to provide you with information and technical support as you start and manage your eCommerce business. The team of experts is manged and overseen directly by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz so you can feel confident in the information you are getting. These experts will have beneficial information to help you, whether you are a complete newbie or also seasoned in the field.

The process is fully automated, which was done purposefully to make the process that much simpler for you. It is easy and can be implemented extraordinarily fast.

Because this system works entirely with services that are both bought and completed online, you will not have to work with and rely on suppliers, deal with inventory, or worry about shipping.

You do not need any skills or experience. You do not even need to have a website already set up as they give you a template already structured to drive sales way up.

However, if you do already have an e-store and some experience, the Asigo System will still help you significantly enhance your sales and make even more money than you are currently making.

The content you need will be provided for you and will land on various platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. This will save you a lot of time as you will not have to worry about learning different ad systems like Facebook ads and YouTube ads.

Because any content and articles you need are written and provided for you, you will not have to hire a copywriter to do so. This could potentially save you tons of money and definitely time.

Compared to competitors, this system is provided for you at a lower price with much higher profits as when you use the entire system; you could gain 100,000 a year or more.

Cons to the Asigo System

Though the Asigo System is an excellent option for many people, no system is perfect, and it is important to understand the potential problems that could make you decide that this is not for you.

* First, the system will, unfortunately, just be too expensive for some people to buy. While, as stated in the pros list, it is cheaper than competitors, especially when considering all that comes with it, such as the automated software, expert-level training, and coaching, some people simply will not be able to afford $2995.

* The second con is that it does not deliver instant success. Many people are looking for a get rich quick option, and there are programs out their that claim to provide said success, but the truth is those claims are simply not valid. The developers of this system are upfront that it will require and entrepreneurs at least forty-one days to get the success and profits that they are looking for. In the grand scheme of things, that is not that much time, but if you are looking to be making the same profits within a week, you will not find it with this system, and probably not with any.


The Asigo System, paired with the Amplifier software, was designed by experts Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz and is an excellent option for anyone looking to get started or grow in the fields of eCommerce or digital marketing. Working online and at home (or from anywhere in the world) is becoming a more and more common goal, and this system is designed to make that dream possible and an entirely new way.

The Asigo system has already had tons of proven success, and both Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch have proven to be experts and successful with past projects. This system and training program is highly recommended for people of all experience levels. Once the system is launched, there will be more information on the system.



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