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Below you can read an overview of the KBB Course including testimonials form the KBB Course Facebook Community. 

Tony Robbins mastermind.com, Mindmint Software, and Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) Course Review

The principle of a mastermind has been around long enough and you will be surprised to learn it is not one of the niches that have opened up with the global internet explosion. Great minds as early as Benjamin Franklin belonged to peer groups where they brainstormed and shared knowledge. However, it was not until Napoleon Hill defined and refined the idea of what a mastermind is that they became a mainstream idea.

Of course, the learning and sharing opportunities brought about by the internet have reshaped the interactions and expanded the potential of these groups. It is a combination of technology and industry expertise that is again set to bring what has been described as a game changer, the yet to be launched Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course that will be based at Mastermind.com

Before delving further into what this course is all about and how it could be a game changer, you may need to understand why masterminds are so valued and what benefit they may hold for you as an individual. An expert or two may facilitate, but they are not the focus, working only to guide the members in their brainstorming, accountability, and participation while sharing their expertise. The generated knowledge and experiences are what Napoleon Hill referred to as the mastermind. What a single individual could not visualize or reach on his or her own is easily solved and attained thanks to tapping into the group’s discussion.

A reputable mastermind has a specific target and offers a unique learning opportunity and new possibilities without having to rely on trial and error. For those who are experts in their field, this is an opportunity to give your knowledge primarily as a facilitator and earn extra income while sharpening your skills further. The challenge for people looking to create mastermind groups and even sharing the information they have are the logistics involved in creating a group.

Turning it into a profitable venture which is also valuable to participants is another enormous challenge. Most people venture into creating masterminds without a clear model and value offered. It is in this guide that the KBB steps in.

What is the KBB Method Course?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint KBB 2.0 Members Area

Video Walk-though of the KBB Course members area

The KBB course is the business success manual you have been looking for. Only that this is not some eBook or online guide, but an extensive learning opportunity provided on a revolutionary learning platform; it is also facilitated by the leading names in the industry with proven success in their businesses.

In a nutshell, this is a course that equips with the necessary skills you need to leverage your expertise and run successful masterminds in your industry. In a way, the KBB course is a mastermind group and helps you develop strategies which allow you to succeed in your business and career before even getting to run a mastermind.

What does it contain?

At its core, the KBB is propped by three aspects;

  1. The course itself and its benefits
  2. The Mindmint Software and
  3. The trainers/facilitators.

The course provides one-on-one teaching on the masterminds formula which once mastered allows you to grow your business. Mindmint Software is the platform that supports the program and grants you a smooth way of handling your mastermind group. On the other hand, the people behind KBB are some of the leading experts in all aspects of developing masterminds, product marketing and have built different successful businesses. More than that though, each of them has been directly involved in various capacities of helping people and organizations realize their potential.

Who is behind it?

So, just who are the brains behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint? The KBB Method is the brainchild of two people, Tony Robbins, and Dean Grazioli. However, it would not be possible without the input of a third person, Russell Brunson. All these three are renowned entrepreneurs, authors, and coaches with numerous achievements in their careers. Russell Brunson is the one who gifted Dean Grazioli and Tony Robbins the site where training will be based at; mastermind.com.

Russell Brunson is a former high school state champion who found a new passion in college in sales and marketing. He started by selling potato gun DVDs before branching out to pretty much everything like consulting, books, and supplements and made a name for himself in the network marketing industry at one point generating 1.5 million leads in 6 weeks and at another winning a Ferrari. A year after college he had made his first a million dollars from selling a range of products online. Such achievements inevitably brought him to the next step of his career.

The constant obstacles he experienced led him to create a software company ClickFunnels through which he popularized the concept of the sales funnel. The company was founded in 2014 and took just three years to be valued at $100,000,000 and gain 55,000 customers. ClickFunnels is now the fastest growing software company that is not dependent on venture capital.

He has also published four books which have together sold over 200,000 copies. The books include FunnelHacker Cookbook, 108 Proven Split Tests Winners, Expert Secrets, and DotCom Secrets. Russell Brunson is also involved in philanthropy mainly through his company ClickFunnels. The two leading causes the company is engaged in is the World Teacher Aide where for every new funnel that goes live at the company, $1.00 is donated to the building of schools in Africa. The company is also involved with Operation Underground Railroad, a not for profit organization which is a global organization that rescues children from sex-trafficking.

He is also known for his exclusive 2 Comma Club which is a club containing over 206 millionaires who achieved that status through his software, teaching, and training. He has also had successes with mastermind programs with one such a program being the inner Circle for Life.’ The group had 100 members who all paid $25,0000 per year, and it was considered a great success.

Tony Robbins has a career spanning four decades in multiple disciplines and interests. He is an entrepreneur, and currently, the head of a holding company made up of 40 privately businesses whose combined sales goes past the $5 billion yearly mark. He is also an international bestselling author with all his six books being confirmed bestsellers. His two recent titles are MONEY: Master the Game and Unshakeable.

Through his various platforms, he has reached over 50 million people across 100 countries. He is regarded as the leading life and business strategist in the US and has been ranked in several reputable publications as a business guru, intellectual and among the most influential people in global finance.
His list of clients and followers include entertainers like Aerosmith, Usher, Green Day and Pitbull. There are also sports teams and athletes like the Golden State Warriors and Serena Williams.

Then there are the business moguls and billionaires like Salesfoce.com founder Marc Benioff. Tony Robbins is also a generous and active philanthropist with several significant projects. For example, in India, he provides clean water to over 250,000 people a day to curb the risk of waterborne diseases which are the leading killer of children in India. Closer home in the US, his partnership with the Feeding America initiative has seen him provide over 400 million meals in just three years and he is on course to get to a billion meals over the next seven years.

Finally, there is Dean Graziosi another successful author, investor, trainer and entrepreneur. He also started early and has had interests across many industries. While still in high school, he operated a charcoal business before getting into a collision repair shop. At 20 years of age, he made his first real estate deal, and that set him on his path as one of the most successful real estate marketers and an influential figure in the business.

His companies and entrepreneurship have seen him generate close to $1 billion in revenue. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and training individuals to achieve success in different life spears. He is a multiple NewYork Times best-selling author with books such as Millionaire Success Habits, Totally Fulfilled, and 30 Days to the Real Estate Cash and Be a Real- Estate Millionaire.

He also has several courses and mastermind groups. One of his real estate course is titled e a Real Estate Millionaire.’ He also has several Masterminds some of which cost $100,000 a year. His well-known masterminds are the Underground Millionaires and he DG Inner Circle.’ Dean Graziosi also hosts weekly video series and a podcast on several platforms.

Tony Robbins and Dean Grazioli are the ones who have prepared the KBB Method  and the ones who will be interacting with the audience and facilitating the course. As seen from their brief profiles, they have been successful and impactful in previous settings and products like this.

Who is the KBB Method course for?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint course is targeted to a range of individuals, but three specific kinds stand to benefit the most.

1. The experts in their fields: industry captains and veterans who have had wide-ranging experience are the primary targets. If you are seeking for means on how to share your expertise while making an impact and a tidy profit at the same time, then this is a course you should join.

2. Individuals who are looking to make extra income by mastering how masterminds work: You do not have to be an expert to benefit from this program. As long as you can leverage the knowledge you will acquire here, all you have to do is find an expert or several ones and partner with them in creating masterminds.

3. People seeking to improve their careers or businesses are also another target group. The whole course is about how to identify existing opportunities and to find ingenious ways to get to the next level. It is a place you will be challenged, encouraged and held accountable which may be the push you need for the next step.

4. Finally, if you are an individual looking to write about the expertise and success stories of different people, this is a great opportunity.

What do you gain by signing up?

So why should you join the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course and not just any other mastermind group?

Considering what the course is all about and the people who have developed it, there are several reasons why this should be the course you subscribe to.

1. New knowledge

The knowledge Broker Blueprint course is one of a kind, and such an offering has never been provided before. It means you will be among a select few who understand how to leverage knowledge and expertise to make a lasting legacy on the people you meet while earning a tidy sum.

2. Exchange of ideas

There is a range of ideas and topics to be shared in the course of learning the mastermind’s formula. The depth of the subject opens up different spheres and introduces you to new ways of finding solutions, and you see new possibilities thanks to tapping from the ideas generated in the mastermind.

3. Resources

There is a wide range of resources available that previously would have been out of reach to you or expensive to acquire. From the ideas and experiences of others to the guides and books written by the expert facilitators.

4. Advice from reputable experts

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have over 60 years of experience between them. Given their advice and success across different platforms, they are better placed to offer you guidance in a different sphere of your life as you seek to make the step up. It is an opportunity that offers worthy investment.

5. Proven formula

As mentioned above, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have had experience running their masterminds and other businesses. The method and principles being taught have been proven time and again, which is close to a guarantee that whatever you pick from the course will serve your interests well.

Bottom Line

The new KBB Method course  and Mindmint Software course from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi offers an opportunity to better oneself and earn extra income. It is based on their experiences and expertise which they are willing to share with people who are interested in running successful masterminds. Its uniqueness and comprehensiveness make it a worthy investment for anyone seeking to learn how to extract their expertise and share it with others in a way that is impactful and profitable.

Student Testimonials From the Private Facebook Group.

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