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Guys, i have purchased Knowledge Broker Blueprint and if you are you looking for more details about KBB 2.0 so that you can decide if the course is worth the money or not you are on the right page

I have prepared a detailed review of this newest course done by three influential life and business coaches- Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and Russell Brunson. These three came together to create a revolutionary online training course that teaches people how to use their knowledge to create a mastermind/course and sell it to others.

With a powerful combination of these three great entrepreneurs, you can rest assured that the course is massive and packed with valuable knowledge. Possibly that’s the reason they even called it the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

To help you discover what is inside this course and be able to make an informed purchase decision, I have prepared an in-depth Knowledge Broker Blueprint review.

Let’s get started…

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Overview

KBB 2.0 Members Area

Knowledge Broker Blueprint KBB 2.0 Members Area

Popularly known as KBB 2.0, the Blueprint Knowledge Blueprint assumes that everyone possesses a skill that can help other people. Everyone is talented or skilled in something, and this knowledge is important and should be commercialized. Your way of solving a certain problem is unique, and the world will be glad to see your method.

The e-learning industry was projected to be worth $107 billion in 2015, and Global Industry Analysts expects it to hit $325 Billion by 2025.

This is the reason Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson came together to help as many people as possible have a course they can sell online and be able to benefit from this growing industry. They want to empower people to be able to share their knowledge with the rest of the world and become self-made authority figures in their respective worlds.

KBB empowers you with knowledge on how to organize your ideas and skills into a course you can share with others in an impactful way so that you can benefit financially from this. In this course, you learn how to create and launch a highly-profitable course or online mastermind events as well as marketing strategies to use to help reach out to as many people as possible.

Simply put, KBB is a course that teaches you unique and proven ways of building a mastermind event and how to motivate others to join your event and share in your vision. To make the course more practical, the three entrepreneurs share their success secrets about how they become experts in selling knowledge as well as the tools they use.

Before we discuss the three entrepreneurs behind this guide, let’s talk about what a mastermind group is so that you can understand how the program will help you share your knowledge through these groups.

What exactly Is A Mastermind Group?

Possibly this is not the first time you are hearing the term mastermind’ being thrown around, but you have never bothered to understand what it is.

Although a relatively new concept that has been gaining traction in recent years, the concept of masterminds was started by Napoleon Hill in 1937 through his book, Think and Grow Rich.

According to Napoleon Hill, mastermind groups are a combination of networking and group coaching that come together to share knowledge and help each other. Although the current redefinition of this phrase is quite related, it is quite different.

In the current world, masterminds are groups of entrepreneurs that regularly meet to work on improving their businesses. The ultimate goal of these meetings being to help members solve different business challenges by sharing their experiences and insights into a specific challenge raised by a member.

In a mastermind, you first create a goal, then devise a plan to achieve it. The group then helps you with ideas and suggestions you can implement. As you implement your plan, you bring both success stories and problems for further discussions.

This means you can create your course by getting advice and ideas from members who give you honest support. Mastermind group members can help you take your business, especially that of creating e-learning courses, to another whole level as members contribute to your idea and share their knowledge to help you create the most comprehensive course ever.

Essentially, a mastermind is like a brainstorming and mentoring group that is moderated by the group owner to facilitate deeper and insightful discussions. These groups are designed to help members sharpen their skills through shared group education. Each meeting has to have an agenda that sets grounds for discussions. The facilitator is tasked with ensuring that all conversations are balanced and in-depth and that every person’s agenda is discussed and covered in the allotted time.

With a mastermind group, you can create deep networking that can help you in your online business. They can also act as places where you can get business partners and collaboration opportunities.

You can also learn new perspectives of solving a problem. In other words, everyone in a mastermind group should help the other solve a specific problem.

Now that you have an idea of what mastermind groups or masterminds are, we will discuss how KBB can help you create a group of like-minded people who share in your vision. But before then, let’s talk about the authors of this program.

Creators of KBB 2.0

As we have mentioned severally in this guide, Knowledge Broker Blueprint was created by three entrepreneur giants;

Tony Robbins

KBB 2.0 Tony Robbins speaks on stage

Tony Robbins is a renowned entrepreneur, bestselling author, philanthropist, and a top life and business coach. He is a top adviser and has served renowned leaders around the world, including Oprah, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, and many others.

Having served as a top advisor to many World leaders and influential athletes as well as influencers, Tony is a professional in the field of leadership and psychology negotiations. He has authored many great books, including Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within, Giant Steps, Notes From A Friend, and many other publications.

He is known for his high-energy seminars that motivate people all over the world to follow their dreams.

Dean Graziosi

Dean is a popular American Entrepreneur, real estate investor, success coach, life-coach trainer, and a top marketer.

He has published many books about real estate and has been on American TV for close to two decades now. Dean has made his name from his personalized inter-style shows as well as generosity with knowledge. He is among the most popular real estate coaches.

Dean has authored many popular and best-selling books, including Totally Fulfilled, Be a Real Estate Millionaire, Profit from Real Estate Now, and 30 Days to Real Estate Cash, among others.

His first business idea came after he completed high school, whereby he set up an auto repair shop that becomes very successful. His real breakthrough came a few months after setting up his first business, whereby he landed a lucrative real estate business deal that laid the foundation for his success.

Today, Dean loves sharing knowledge about investing in real estate and online business in general. He likes inspiring people who want to venture into real estate and business world.

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is also a successful entrepreneur and a marketing genius. He is the co-founder of Clickfunnels, a tool that helps people create sales funnels.

To add to his list a long list of accomplishments, Russell is also a best-selling author, having authored many successful books, including Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets.

He had his fair contribution to making KBB 2.0, especially on the marketing side.

The three teamed up together to create this amazing course as they all share a common goal of helping people become self-reliant. In this newest program, they share successful tips on how to create a profitable and successful masterminds. The knowledge and tips they share in this course are proven as they have used the same techniques to succeed in their fields.

In other words, whatever they have included in this course is based on their massive experience as well as extensive research that took them months to complete.

In fact, Tony and Dean spent over $500K to create a software that makes the process of running successful mastermind simple. The software is called MindMint Software, and we will talk about it later on. The tricks they have shared in this course and the tools you will find will help you create and run masterminds that are successful.

Some of the things you will learn in Knowledge Broker Blueprint include how to extract the knowledge you have systematically, and use it to benefit others and you. You will also learn proven marketing strategies that can help you fill your mastermind event and ensure it runs smoothly. Overall, you will learn a step-by-step process on how to run a successful mastermind and make it attractive to people who share the same interest as you.

About E-Learning Industry

For people still in doubt about making money in self-education field, there is an important fact to convince you to rethink about not venturing in this field.

Forbes says that the self-education industry will reach $1 Billion per day by 2025. More and more people are growing confident in online courses written by professionals and experts, rather than the general ones.

And since everyone is an expert in something, you can learn how to create your own digital course that teaches people how to solve a common problem they are experiencing.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint sets itself apart from other knowledge books as it teaches people how to build a business from scratch.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Program Modules and What Is Included

This course is divided into four different modules, with each module packed with great information on how to create a powerful and successful mastermind.

The authors have also shared real-life examples to help readers grasp the concept better. Here is an overview of the four modules;

Knowledge Broker Blueprint KBB 2.0 Course Outline

Knowledge Broker Blueprint KBB 2.0 Course Outline

Knowledge Broker Blueprint KBB 2.0 Course outline1


Module 1- Mindset Mastery

In this module, you will learn the following;

· Success stories whereby Tony Robbins shares his exclusive story

· How to select a niche based on your skills and how to identify your target audience whom you can sell your course to

· The triangle model as described by Dean and Tony on how to create and run a perfect mastermind

· The tools to use when you want to run events. And guess what? The tools recommended here are the same ones Tony and Dean uses to run their events,

· How to use MindMint software to create unbeatable agendas for your mastermind group

This module shares secrets about Tony and Dean and how you can create mastermind from scratch. It is packed with great and informative videos that feature Tony Robbins explaining the steps as well.

The best thing with this module is that it has call to actions, and thus you don’t just sit around and read the information you are given. You get an opportunity to apply what you learn.

Module 2- Extraction and Discovery

In this module you get the following;

· A guide to becoming an expert marketer. You will get step-by-step procedures on how to market your event and attract your clients. You will also get a selling framework

· Event Funnel Blueprint whereby you learn how to create a converting sales pages and elements that lower conversions

· Marketing Wagon Wheel. You will learn the marketing platforms to use and the step-by-step process of using major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

· A guide on how to use a pre-built website to launch your events. These events have been proven to help increase conversions

· The secret to launching your event successfully. Dean, Tony, and Russell have launched many successful events, and they teach you their tricks and techniques. These techniques have been proven to be successful and can help you make your event successful

This second module gives a greater insight into how you can bring people to your mastermind group, especially like-minded people.

Module 3- Marketing Mastery

In this module, you will learn the following;

· The perfect mastermind formula to help you set up a successful mastermind.

· The virtual event checklist that teaches you how to hold events.

· In-person event tips

· How to finalize and thank your members

This third module is where you finally get to apply what you have learned in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course. This module needs you to use the MindMint software that helps you set up and run a successful mastermind. The combination of the strategies you have learned in Knowledge Broker Blueprint and the MindMint software offers a sure-fire way of succeeding just like Dean and Tony.

Module 4- Generating Leads

This module is more of marketing your mastermind group and getting results. You will learn how to apply Russell Brunson formula to get the right leads. You will also learn about the marketing strategies used by Dean and Tony, as well as how to set a solid foundation for a successful business.

In addition to these modules, you will also get a bonus whereby you will get access to a private Facebook community. In this group, you will get to connect with many other peers who post interesting and insightful stuff that you can benefit from. This is an amazing community with many people that can help you succeed.

Therefore, Knowledge Broker Blueprint is not just about Dean, Tony, and Russell mentoring you; you can also find mentors in this Facebook community that can guide you more.

Module 5- Running Your Event with Confidence

In this module you will learn the following;

  • The perfect mastermind formula. You will learn the psychology of running a successful mastermind
  • Virtual Event Checklist. You will learn the art of holding virtual events and also setting it up events/meetings using Zoom
  • Lesson 3. The perfect in-person event. You will learn how to hold your first in-person events. You will also learn the logistics of organizing events as well as how to communicate with your attendants.
  • Last steps and thank you. How you finalize your discussion matters a lot. You will learn how to thank your participants the right way and set grounds for next meeting.

Module 6- Knowledge Consultant and Reporter

In this last module, you will learn how to conduct yourself as a knowledge consultant coach and also how to get a yes from people you want to join your mastermind group. You learn this through the teachings of Russell.

About the MindMint Software and It’s Features

As we have mentioned severally in this Knowledge Broker Blueprint review, in addition to the KBB course, you will also get the MindMint software. This software helps you to apply the strategies you have learned in this course. In other words, it eliminates the complexity that comes with handling the logistics involved in creating and running a mastermind group.

Tony and Dean spent a considerable amount to ensure the users of this method have a software that makes it easier for them to run a successful mastermind.

The MindMint Software boasts of some great features including;

· The wisdom tracker, a feature that helps you come up with discussion-provoking agendas in a few minutes. The feature also enables you to customize your events easily thanks to the drag and drop functionality.

· Website Builder. This helps you access the predesigned pages as well as DFY emails that make the process of creating important components of your mastermind simplified.

· Consolidate expense. This functionality allows you to keep all your expenses and income in one sheet. This means you can easily know when your business is profitable and when you are running on losses. Also, the feature is designed to help you accept payments in one system

· Customer tracking and sale. This software feature comes equipped with built-in CRM that allows you to track and manage clients for different events.

· Integration. MindMint software also allows you to automate most of your process as well as integrate your work with over 1300 applications and software

· Predesigned checklist. This feature allows one to access the event checklist to make sure all events are running smoothly and as planned.

As you can see, this software has all the functionalities you need to create and run your mastermind groups.

Let’s now discuss the pros and cons of KBB

KBB Pros

Here are the benefits that set KBB apart from the rest;

· It is comprehensive

KBB is one of the few courses that are extremely thorough when it comes to teaching people how to create and run their mastermind groups. Tony, Dean, and Russell didn’t leave any stone unturned. They provided all the templates, strategies, scripts, motivation, and software to help users execute everything; from scratch to finish.

· Low Start-up Cost

With KBB, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to set up your mastermind group. Besides, you are offered virtually everything you need, including a free software during your first year of enrolling in this course. All that you are needed to do is invest in this course and invest your time in applying the strategies.

· Step-by-step course

The knowledge Broker Blueprint is divided into modules, each having exhaustive information about different processes involved in setting up and running mastermind groups. This makes it easier for one to digest the information in this guide. The course is designed to motivate you to set up a profitable mastermind program based on the strategies employed by the three authors.

There are also quizzes and activities that come at the end of each module to help you apply what you just learned. This helps you to retain knowledge. After each lesson, you get a checklist of all the actionable steps you should take.

· It is created by legit professionals

Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, and Tony Robbins are among the most popular life-coaches and marketers in the business. And in this course, you get the exact same strategies that they deployed to get to the position they are today.

This means that you will be learning from the best in the best, which increases your chances of succeeding in what they teach.

· The knowledge you get can be applied in different niches

The knowledge you gain here and the business model you can create using this course can be used in virtually all niches. You can create masterminds for use in over 2000 niches.

· Can be done as a side hustle

This business this course enables you to create allows you to work elsewhere and run your group part-time. You are taught a lot of automation in this course as well.

KBB Cons

– Masterminds may not help you generate passive income

Running lucrative and high-ticket mastermind groups call for a lot of involvement on the part of the group owner, which means you can hardly run it efficiently for passive income. However, you can record the events and turn them into a digital product that you can sell.

– It is very detailed

This course calls for time investment because it is very detailed. You need to be patient and go through all the modules to learn all the strategies.

With this in mind, you are now in a better position to make an informed purchase decision.

So, Who Is KBB 2.0 For, and Is It Worth the Money?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint suits anyone who wants to profit from their skill and passion. This course is for people who aspire to be their own bosses and set up their business online.

A mastermind group can help you share your knowledge and become an authority figure in your niche. This is a guide we can recommend to anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit.

Is it worth the money? This is the big question that might be ringing in your mind right now. Well, we believe that Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson cannot come together to create a bogus course. And although it costs a considerable amount of money, the comprehensive and practical nature of the information shared in this course on how to create masterminds justifies the money.

That’s why we recommend the course to anyone who wants to start making money online through mastermind groups.







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