100K Factory Revolution Review – Hype or Worth it? Find Out Now!

  • Product Name: 100K Factory Go Revolution
  • Creator: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
  • Recommended: 100% Yes
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UPDATE: Aidan & Steve have released a new product called parallel profits. Read my review to find out more.

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Not that long ago, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton blew up the internet marketing world with their product known as the 100K Factory. This popular product to help put a lot of average individuals into the internet social stratosphere. These were individuals who struggled to make pennies with Adsense and Amazon websites. This was a revolutionary system that did not have a large learning curve and allowed anyone with a dream and work ethic the opportunity to earn.

While the original program was considered a success, both Steve and Clayton knew they could do better. They went back t the drawing board and are now poised to release the 100K Factory Revolution.

The original course was a wide learning experience that encapsulated the user. The basic premise of the online course was to show individuals how they could build a website from scratch and build it up to a 100K asset in a year’s timeframe. The original course consisted of PDFs. webinars, online workshops, and coaching sessions. It was designed so no stone was left untouched. At the end of the course, the entire strategy was laid out in front of the student. To ensure success, a blueprint was issued along with a powerful suite of tools to help create the ultimate website.

The 100K Factory Revolution has been designed with the same principles and design, however, the methods and blueprints have evolved. However, by following the course, the same monetary goal can be accomplished. After two months of learning from Steve and Clayton, you will have the basis for a 100K a year website. It is understandable to look at such claims with a raised eyebrow, however, it has been accomplished by so many other students using the past system.

What Is New This Time Around?

The new system involves using the power of eCommerce to sell physical products. As you may be aware eCommerce is a billion dollar business, yet it can be difficult to conquer. You may have read products on eCommerce or even taken online courses, but this system is different from them all. It is the style of the system that will take you to the 100K mark by the end of the year.

What makes this system so unique is the ability to keep building on it. This is not something that you can do once and consider yourself lucky if you succeed. With this system, once you have created a successful website, the same strategy can be employed to create more websites. With that in mind, it is quite possible to far surpass that 100K goal by the end of the year.

As you may know, when working in the internet marketing realm, it is essential to be able to scale up in a quick and efficient manner. While the name f the system is the 100K Factory Revolution, that does not have to be the end goal. In fact, it is quite easy to surpass that goal in months, as some students have done.

This is not one of those courses that you need to sit through all of it to understand what needs to be done. The system works in phases, meaning you complete one phase before moving on to the next. Aiden and Steve take the time to demonstrate each essential part of the process to ensure that no student is left behind. They will literally take you by the hand and help you develop an automated profit machine.

A Run Down Of The Phase System

Selling Physical Products

One of the first aspects of this system is learning to sell physical products. Many who enter this course only have experience working as an affiliate marketer. While this system does deal wth physical products, t does not require one to have large amounts of money to invest in buying, shipping, or storing products. The course is designed to show you how to leverage popular products through eCommerce via high conversion rates.

The source of profit comes from the ability to drop ship from popular manufacturers in China. With this one secret, it allows you the ability to create a business without having to buy any initial product. This makes the entire process risk-free from the very beginning.

Traffic Generation

As you know, traffic is the one key ingredient that is needed for any type of online business venture. The system is going to show you ways to generate traffic via automatic methods allowing you the time to search for new opportunities and scale your business up. In addition, the traffic you generate is going to be customers looking to buy.

Expansion Is Key

The final stage of the program deals with learning to expand your business. It is estimated that you can reach 100K in a year by sourcing only four products with one key website. The key to taking this system to new levels is adding new websites and products into the mix. By working longer hours and putting your heart and soul into this, it is possible to double the profits.

Simplify The Process With Tools

Internet marketing has the potential to make millions, this is only possible through the art of scaling and having the right tool. Steve and Clayton spent time and money in creating a suite of tools that will help simplify the entire process. These tools have one purpose and that is to generate traffic and acquire customers for you.

While traffic is essential, you need traffic that is going to convert otherwise it is worthless. The tools you are going to find in the 100K Factory Revolution were developed for this sole purpose and tested endlessly.

The Importance of Case Studies

Many of us who work in the internet marketing world are obsessed with case studies. It allows us the opportunity to see a strategy employed in the real world and to see if it works as stated.Of course, every situation and result will be different, but it does lend to hope on the marketers part that this is the silver bullet they have been looking for.

Steve and Clayton include a 12-week case study that shows them physically implementing the blueprint from the course into the real world. Their plan was to create a website that would generate 8K a month by the end of the case study. The case study is an integral part of this course, one which helps to show the methods and ideas in the real world. This is true over the shoulder training that s going to turn on a few light bulbs over your head.

Who Are Your Instructors?

One of the most important decisions about investing in a course of this price and magnitude is understanding who s teaching you. Are they someone who has had real world success? Can they be trusted? What is there reputation in the business?

Steve Clayton has lead a prestigious career, most recently as a vice president of a Fortune 500 company. Over the years, he has constantly strived to create quality products and tools that genuinely help aspiring entrepreneurs. His most famous of course has been the 100K Factory. If you are interested in his past products, look for reviews on Niche Blueprint and Commission Blueprint, you will see how he has strived for quality.

Aidan Booth is a highly successful internet marketer hailing from the beautiful country of New Zealand. He turned to internet marketing as a means of survival and found his place in the world. He took the time to learn the old ways and created new and exciting methods of marketing along the way.

Believe it or not, at one point in time Aidan had over 1500 websites online, all generating some form of income. This experience of developing and creating that many sites has lead to the expertise that he brings to the 100K Factory Revolution Review.

These are two of the most qualified and experienced marketers you could ask for to help you usher in a new business. It is important to take their advice and follow along in the course. The methods they are going to teach have been proven time and time again. There is no reason why you can not become the next one of their student’s to hit that 100K income!

However, it is important to understand that this course is not for everyone. It does have a high price tag, which could make it difficult for some to enter. However, that payment can be broken up into smaller payments, making it more convenient to some. However, with the higher price tag, does come a method that works. So you have to ask yourself, what is a real working method in internet marketing truly worth? If you follow the course to the point, use the tools, and do the work, you are going to be well on your way to earning *k a month with very limited work. At that point, it is simply a matter of scaling the process up with outsourcers.

Make the one choice that could truly change our life today.

The Creators Of 100K Factory – Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton.

Are you contemplating of making a substantial passive earning with your business on the Web. However, you will not be able to fulfill your dream in case you do not take adequate action. Fortunately, there is hope for you and you should not feel frustrated. It is possible to accomplish your target with the appropriate Internet marketing program and you will be capable of earning more revenues than you might have even dreamt of. Nevertheless, how to pick exactly what to use because of the huge volume of the online courses which all claim to make you rich on the web?

A fantastic starting point will be the 100K Factory. Apart from making a percentage on every single sale, this particular program actually involves the concept of delivering products to the customers directly. There is no need to even take care of any inventory. From China all this products go to the purchasers. It is that easy!

There is a possibility for you to be somewhat suspicious regarding this program in case you haven’t heard of 100K Factory previously. It is absolutely natural. A couple of versions have so far been released for the starters. This truly confirms the competence of this particular product. And the good news is that in February next year a third iteration known as 100K Factory Revolution is also coming up. However, you might want to know several things about the creators of this particular program before signing up and they happen to be Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.

Who exactly is Aidan Booth?

This guy will definitely be your man in case you would like to follow an experienced person in this affiliate marketing business. Actually, it has been 13 years since he first made his online marketing venture and it is indeed a fascinating story. Aidan was born and brought up in New Zealand and he met his life partner, Carolina in 2003 in Lake Tahoe. This woman actually resided in Argentina and therefore Aidan made a decision to go there shortly after their first meeting.

However, it was not possible for Aidan to procure any job in Argentina since he did not know how to speak the Spanish language and also had only a tourist visa. As a result, he was prompted to work online in order to earn some money. At that time, he was not able to realize the fact that this profession is going to change his entire perspective regarding earning money since it opened up lots of opportunities in front of him.

1st Site Creation

The first website of Aidan Booth was set up by him in 2005. In spite of his lack of knowledge in creating attractive websites, still he decided to do it. Although there isn’t anything worthwhile to tell about his earnings from his first website, Aidan nevertheless asserts that it was enough to allow him to enjoy some scrumptious meals in some of the best eateries in Buenos Aires.

He learnt a great deal regarding the online marketing world after just one year. He started building attractive affiliate websites after gaining adequate knowledge regarding the subject. The procedure of choice of his traffic generation was actually paid search. Since the sales were quite good, he was able to procure $30-commissions from time to time which, according to him, was like gold.

He continued to create many more e-commerce websites after being successful in affiliate marketing. Besides this, he also started utilizing organic traffic by means of SEO or search engine optimization. Also, Aidan was able to attract many more customers to his niche sites by looking into additional paid traffic sources.

A Numbers Guy

There is hardly any reason to be surprised to learn the fact that Aidan is actually a Numbers Guy since he had a diploma in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering. He found unmatched happiness while he came across Google Analytics. By this particular program, he was able to observe exactly what was happening in his sites. He was able to identify the weak points and also optimize the effective aspects even more.

More and more tests were conducted so as to take the things to an entirely new level. This amazing individual had a desire to understand exactly how to optimize his returns and this particular target was achieved with the help of Google Analytics.

Undoubtedly, he was able to generate even more cash than ever before by his affiliate and e-commerce sites.

The Factory

Aidan was in the prime time of his life. He even employed several Filipinos to produce websites thanks to his lucrative online business. This particular team included designers, writers as well as website builders. Apart from them it also had a project manager who was responsible for overseeing everything for him.

Aidan was able to become the proud owner of over 1,500 websites after only several months. Although, he was not able to earn money from every single website, those which did were enough to make him a very affluent individual.

At this very juncture Aidan began to team up with his longtime companion and mentor, Brian Johnson. A training course was released by them which shared precisely what they actually did to reach that level.

The Collapse

In May 2010, one third of his website portfolio was slapped by the May Day Google algorithm just when everything was going extremely well. The sites which were affected were simply erased from the search index. The bottom line of Aidan was hit very badly and this triggered the factory’s collapse. However, Aidan was determined not to permit any algorithm to spoil his Internet business.

The Google penalties which he actually endured in the year 2010 functioned as a learning experience only. It was soon known to Aidan that the time has arrived for a change. He started to establish websites which should be able to withstand the Google penalties as well as the test of time.

He transferred his concentration to producing more lucrative e-commerce websites since diversification was extremely crucial. There was no doubt that all these properties were going to perform much better as compared to his outdated affiliate websites.

3 Pillars

During his entire online marketing career, Aidan was able to learn quite a few things and probably the most significant of these is diversifying his Internet portfolio. His Internet business actually consisted mainly of e-commerce stores as well as niche websites during the initial several years of his career. However, he soon realized that he was required to get out of his comfort zone after making a deal with Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey who are amongst the best online marketing minds at present.

At the moment, Aidan along with his team recognized 3 distinct pillars, all of which contribute substantially to their internal business:

  • Pillar #1 is all about e-commerce stores and niche websites.
  • Pillar #2 is about Internet marketing training and coaching services.
  • Pillar #3 is concerned about small-scale business marketing.

All of these pillars operate as though they are independent businesses. Given that all of them play a crucial role in improving the bottom line of the company, they are usually handled with the same importance.

At present the business of Aidan comprises of as many as 25 employees. Although, once everything was done by him on his own, today he outsources all the different tasks for speeding things up. Consequently, he is also able to come across the appropriate persons for the particular job as a result of this experience who will be able to guarantee a hassle-free operation.

Who exactly is Steve Clayton?

Although many individuals make an attempt to enter the world of online marketing, they usually fail to succeed. The others might experience a certain amount of success; however, they also fail in the long run due to lack of sufficient effort and time.

Steve Clayton was one of the very few individuals who was an exception to this and was successful right from the word go. One advantageous point which he enjoyed was that he was an ex-VP of a Fortune 500 business. However, background has hardly anything to do with Internet marketing success and instead, it depends more on personal motivation which Steve surely has.

He was actually recognized as the king of Clickbank during the initial several years of his online marketing business. Innumerable digital products were marketed by him and the most notable among them happens to be the Commission Blueprint Series. In fact, this particular series was recognized as the most successful product of Clickbank for quite a few years because of its 3 successful versions. One can easily understand how Steve was capable of earning a considerable amount of cash with all these outstanding products.

Commission Blueprint

The Commission Blueprint’s first version was actually a guide for the beginners that wanted to start a new venture in the affiliate marketing business as well as PPC. The ability of Steve to explain the complicated information into simplified versions was enough to make this product extremely successful. It was even possible for the novices to comprehend the complicated world of marketing affiliate items with the assistance of this person. Furthermore, Steve succeeded in explaining to the users that a flawless traffic source was the main thing that would be able to rake in substantial rewards in the long run in spite of the fact that PPC had a bad reputation in the online community. Commission Blueprint 2.0 was able to take things up a level. At this point, Steve actually entered into the world of SEO. In fact, SEO was actually recognized by the online marketers from various Internet communities and almost every individual tried to join the bandwagon. Meanwhile, the novices were still assisted by Steve to establish affiliate websites and attract targeted traffic by enhancing the organic rankings. Webmasters were able to comprehend exactly how the search engines functioned by discussing both off-page as well as on-page SEO in the course.

Commission Blueprint Black Edition, which was actually the last version, had been an endeavor of Steve to help virtually anyone, interested in making online cash, accomplish their target within a very short span of time. In this comprehensive step-by-step guide, the users undergo the process of developing an e-commerce site, including some amazing content in it and also attracting traffic in order to enhance conversions.

Profitable Partnerships

Steve Clayton meanwhile teamed up with Tim Godfrey who was one of the very best in the industry and the combination, so far has done remarkably well while managing to establish a vast online marketing empire in only a few months.

This is enough to make one understand the proficiency of Steve in terms of cooperating with other individuals. This might be largely because of his expertise in aiding the small business owners set up their own Internet presence. As a matter of fact, providing consulting services was the first venture of Steve in Internet marketing.

The positive aspect about this individual is that he seems to possess a great ability to work with other individuals without any issues while generating a considerable amount of passive income for him. This particular outline is even seen in the consulting business set up by Tim as well as Steve.

Aidan was also partnered by Steve while creating the 100K Factory. In fact, there was a huge success with the first two versions. These programs actually present a much uncomplicated approach to the affiliate marketing business in a genuine Steve Clayton style. We can expect the identical thing from 100K Factory Revolution which happens to be the third version.

Steve has one more admirable quality which is humbleness. He continues to interact with individuals normally in spite of attaining star status in this Internet marketing world. In fact, Steve is very active in his personal forum and answers to all the questions from the online marketers across the globe.

It is hard to deny the fact that Steve is a fantastic teacher. As a mentor he is exceptional and can explain all the complicated procedures in a straightforward manner.

What exactly is the 100K Factory Go Revolution?

The 100K Factory Revolution actually depends on the initial two releases. It is claimed by both Steve as well as Aidan that they can take veterans as well as novices to affiliate marketing success. Everything is taken to new heights by this particular 100K Factory Revolution supported by Steve and Aidan.

This program is ideal for you in case you are interested in marketing products but do not realize exactly how to begin. Apart from guiding you through every single step of the procedure it also helps you to sell your products, drive targeted traffic to your site, and find suppliers and so on.

With this 100K Factory Go Revolution, you are simply required to follow the precise steps as instructed by both Steve and Aidan. This might prove to be the ideal solution for you in quitting your regular 9 to 5 job.

This program is due to be released in 2017 on February 28. It is hardly surprising that we should all expect to discover some real gems from Steve and Aidan. You should never miss out on this product as it can make your dream come true. It will definitely pay millions of dollars to the affiliates.

  • 100K Factory Go Revolution has 2 payment options  you can pay in full or use the 3 split payments.

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