BitCoin Money Machine Review: Too Good To Be True Scam?


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Everyone wants to feel like they have their retirement taken care of, or that they’ve finally found that all important secret that will help them to gain financial success and security no matter what is happening in the world. BitCoin Money Machine makes some very bold promises and offers traders a way to make serious money without having to understand how the markets work – the famed “push one button and automate the trading” trope that appears far too often with scammy offers in today’s Internet.

What Is BitCoin?

BitCoin is a digital currency, like the video says, and one that has become popular as an investment currency that is traded and worth varying amounts depending on the currency and the speculative markets. While that much is true in these initial videos, owning BitCoin is not as easy as a buy and sell purchase, and the way it is described in the video is questionable at best.

What Is The BitCoin Money Machine?

This program is supposedly an extremely limited release of an automated trading software that combines the trading knowledge and experience of the narrator (who suspiciously never identifies himself) and combined it with a supposed “dark web” artificial intelligence nicknamed EMELI. After EMELI somehow “found” him he used the capabilities of that software to create a trading program to somehow take advantage of the BitCoin market for profit.

There are many more questions to “How?” than answers, but the combination somehow become BitCoin Money Machines, which supposedly can be pre-set to focus on certain opportunities that are suspiciously nicknamed “money machines” (more on that in a bit) and claims that it can be set on auto trade so it keeps on making money and the person who is running the software never has to lift a finger except to cash out their big fat profit checks.

So do these claims hold water?

For those of you who were hoping this was something real and not just another online scam, I’m sorry to say you’re in for a rough read coming up in the following paragraphs because it doesn’t look good.


Red Flags Abound!

The story of this trading “miracle” as it is being called is really fishy, to say the least. Aside from the ridiculously over the top and pushy insistence at getting your e-mail address or forcing you to “take action right now in the next 10 minutes or it will be too late” (although an hour after closing and re-opening the page it was somehow wiling to let me in with the exact same video again!) is classic hard sales pitch.

If there are thousands of people “trying to sneak into this hidden page” then how hidden is it, really? Do you know how hard it is to create a website that must be accessed by password or is unfindable unless a person gets a direct link? It’s extremely easy. Some software like WordPress literally has a plug-in or a box that can be checked to make a site private, so this story starts falling apart right off the bat.

Next, it’s hard not to notice that the website doesn’t show up for the company name when Googled. Googling “BitCoin Money Machine” doesn’t bring up the company website selling the product – which is a major red flag especially since there aren’t any exact match domain names or other products by the same name out there. Not a good sign for an established or reliable brand. This is a footprint of all the “fly by night” online scams that promise something, take money, don’t deliver, and then run off.

While they keep bragging about how much was made, they have all these people going to odd numbers for dollars and cents…does that sound right to you? If you were excited about a big overtime check would you tell a friend or spouse “I just made $1,584.16” or would you just say “I just made almost $1,600?” They’re trying so hard to act natural that they’re actually giving a clear sign that they are phony.

And while we’re at it “.co” is actually for Columbia, not company. This is a very cheap domain extension that many people mistake for being more formal or important than it is, which is why so many scammers choose to use it (which is truly unfortunate for the legitimate businesses and websites in Columbia trying to simply make their mark).

The lack of transparency to how the trading system works is very alarming. The mention of the Yen and BitCoin connection (which is a serious problem as far as accuracy goes in and of itself). So it might be Forex/binary trades when talking about that, but that’s not directly related to BitCoin at all – so is this just another binary software scam under a completely different name? It’s starting to smell that way.

Finally, they use the term “money machine” as a synonym for opportunity. Multiple other fake trading softwares used this word for word, and many were believed to be from the same scammer. This is what the English majors would call rhetorical evidence. It’s a favorite sales pitch phrase that is unique and used by the same person over and over from one fake sales presentation to another – and it should be an immediate deal breaker for anyone even thinking about considering trying out this software.

Do They Even Know How BitCoin Works?

BitCoin is not attached to Japanese Yen. This is an example that is just outright wrong. BitCoin is seen in black markets, it’s seen in every major nation, and it isn’t even close to being attached to any specific global currency. That is part of the reason it is so popular – because it is an alternative option. There are not millions of opportunities on a daily basis – and no one should be trading nearly that much even if there were.

Don’t trust this outdated software to do anything except help funnel your initial trading accounts from your bank accounts to the broker companies that the “creator” of this website no doubt owns. BitCoin is not insured – it is a truly independent currency and its uniqueness is why it will not be insured, guaranteed, or backed up by insurance agencies or other traders.

Despite the video’s insistence that BitCoin fell out of the news, the truth is that it is worth more than ever and more people than ever are trying to jump into that overcrowded market. In fact, the way they describe BitCoin in the video gives one the strong impression that they don’t even know how it works.

Their description of the dark web and A.I. are two more examples of taking subjects most people don’t know much about and claiming they are mysterious or have secrets most people can’t find. There is open source A.I. on the web – literally anyone in the world can harness some of their own.

What’s The Verdict?

Stay away from BitCoin Money Machine. While there is trading software out there than can help you identify potential trends or teach you the basics of what patterns to look for to become a quality trader yourself, that’s not what is being sold here. This looks, feels, smells, and tastes like a scam. Don’t fall for it!


There are many different push one button and automate software scams out there and unfortunately it looks like the BitCoin Money Machine is almost certainly one of them. Don’t fall for this scam!


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