Polygraph Millionaire Review – A Scam?

polygraph-millionaire_reviewEvery trader dreams of making as much money as possible from their investment. The polygraph Millionaire system is a new automated trading system developed by Trader X and owned by Daniel Wilkins; to achieve that purpose. Specially designed for binary options trading, this automated software promises to support its users to hit more profit. But what exactly is the Polygraph Millionaire system? Is it a scam? How does it really work? Read on to find out more details and an honest Polygraph Millionaire system review.

What is the Polygraph Millionaire Software?

The Polygraph Millionaire systems is an amazing software meant to help new binary options traders carry out their trades with less risk than the traditional investment opportunities. The system was created by the renown Daniel Wilkins, who is a legendary binary options trader, and has the necessary experience and viewpoints to allow the investors perform various tasks conveniently.

The Polygraph Millionaire Software is intended to help traders predict and win binary options trades successfully. The system uses complex code, and has steadily evolved over the years to its current state; the first truly no-loss trading software. A team of some of the best finance traders helped perfect the system in a way that it shows the traders how they can make lots of money online, helps them identify various ways they can get huge returns on their investment, to get financial success. This is coupled with a real-time analysis of the market conditions, to ensure traders can effectively decide on their next move.

Is Polygraph Millionaire Software a Scam?

Quite frankly, it’s impossible for the software to be scam because you can literally watch a pro trade. When you sign up, you get to see the pro trader in real time, every day, making profitable trades, and even losing some (though the wins are much higher than losses).
The people who have already used the Polygraph Millionaire System are now counting their profits in the thousands. This is a clear indication that the system is not a scam, and that it’s a legit way to generate an extra income through binary options trading. Looking at the Polygraph Millionaire app reviews, you will realize that some of the features it offers is essentially what makes it the trader’s choice. Some of these features are described below.

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Contrary to most binary options signals systems on the market in 2016, you can see exactly who created the software (Daniel Wilkins). All the information regarding how the system works is available on the website, coming straight from the mouth of Daniel. You can even watch videos of people who are already using the software, giving their honest reviews. The review clips were directly taken from the YouTube video sharing website, which is quite innovative as most of the apps that offer a similar service do not offer such a feature. In most cases, they just offer text-based reviews or testimonials, but can you really prove they are 100% real? For all we know, they could be written by the creator himself.

However, for Polygraph Millionaire software, you can see that the people in the clips are not actors; they are investors like you and me telling fellow traders how they feel about the system through the video. Note that they are not even set in decent lighting, and they are recording from their different places.

Currently, Polygraph Millionaire Software has more than 10,000 members. The total profit from these members is over $377 million, and counting. In comparison to the average binary options trading apps, the Polygraph Millionaire system ideally makes about 57.7% less trades. Why does it not take the risk? Well, the system is designed to make trades only when it’s sure that it’s going to win. The Polygraph Millionaire Software always ensures that there’s a high level of absolute certainty if any trade is going to make a meaningful amount of profit for you.

With over 7,000 beta testers, all of which have been 100% tested and proven, the Polygraph Millionaire Software is a hard miss. Besides this, an average Polygraph Millionaire user can make profits of at least $2,300 on a single business day. In turn, the reviews have consistently been more positive than ever.

How the Software Works

Many investors shy away from binary options trading simply because it’s quite a risky business. However, from experience, a high volatility in the market could mean a high return on investment when you know what you are doing. Enter the Polygraph Millionaire, a software that uses complex mathematical algorithms to take the guesswork out of trading, for more profitable trades.

The Polygraph Millionaire Auto-Trading Software is based on code containing certain binary options algorithm secrets, and the result is a 97.4% accurate product. According to the creator, the system will only make trades when it is absolutely sure that it’ll make profit. The system is also 100% verified by brokers. You can also check and watch for yourself the Polygraph Millionaire results, on its official website. Keep in mind that the results are fully verified by an Independent party.

Wilkins developed the software with the intentions of cracking the code with some advanced signals algorithms, thereby allowing more people to make more profits while trading in the binary options market. The software is 100% guaranteed, and is definitely not a scam system. It’s being regarded as one of the most advanced trading bot available today. Once you begin using the software, you are guaranteed to start making profits, and using it to your advantage. One good thing about the system is that it’s database is usually updated every 10 seconds.

Additional Information

The software is fully compatible with mobile platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android. You can therefore put it into active use regardless of where you are, provided you have an active internet connection. The Polygraph Millionaire system essentially takes away the pain of having to learn binary options trading systems, which could take up weeks or even months of your time. Daniel Wilkins developed the software just for you; to offer you a fully automated bot with a set and forget binary trading system, which ideally require no prior binary options training or experience, no specialized equipment, no formal education, no risky investments, and even no understanding of the financial markets. The Polygraph Millionaire has an average of 97% accuracy level and over 1000 contented traders. Whenever you earn a profit, you pay the software 1.5% as a token. You just have to make sure you pay the full amount within 7 days after they send you an invoice to your email.

Advantages of Using P Millionaire Software

  • Compete transparency
  • You can watch daily over-the-shoulder of a pro and learn to trade
  • You can watch signals right from your smartphone
  • An average of 97% winning weeks, translating into more profits for you
  • The system is web-based; no need for downloads, and will work on smartphones and tablets too
  • Expect multiple signals per day – an average of 21 to 71 signals a day. These are good enough to earn quick profits in typical business day


  • You must have internet access
  • The 100% fail-proof success rate cannot be guaranteed, though 97% of people have had success with the Polygraph Millionaire system
  • You must avail yourself for about an hour a day

Get Polygraph Millionaire Software for FREE
The introductory video clearly states that the software is free. Go ahead and put away your PayPal and credit card details, for now. But, how do they make their cash? Whenever you earn a profit, you pay the software 1.5% as a token. You just have to make sure you pay the full amount within 7 days after they send you an invoice to your email.

Final Word

If you want to start making money trading binary options with the Polygraph Millionaire Software, there has never been such a great opportunity than now. It’s the most advanced trading software we have come across is a long time. From our review, we can conclude that Polygraph Millionaire Software is not a scam, and you should go ahead and give it a try.


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