Secrets Of The Multimillionaire Trainer Review

  • Product: Secrets Of The Multimillionaire Trainer
  • Creator: T Harv Eker
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Since the very beginning of the Internet, there have been online courses claiming that they can make you a millionaire or a multi-millionaire. A few of these classes have been legitimate and taught by someone who knew their stuff but in many other cases the high priced product was a scam. In fact for a while in the early 2000s it was so bad that many people assume every program is a scam, even though that is a completely indefensible position.

The good news is that as Google has come along and as more and more information appears online, it’s actually pretty easy to separate the wheat from the chaff, as the old saying goes. This starts with taking a look at the program, at who has designed it and is selling it, and from there you can figure out pretty quickly who has something to teach and who doesn’t. So how does the Secrets of the Multimillionaire Trainer by T Harv Eker hold up?

Read on to find out!

Just Who Is T Harv Eker?

The quality of the program has to start with who is behind it. If you ever see a program that has no name attached (or a Google search turns up nothing else) then run. However T Harv Eker is a longtime coach, trainer, and author who has a reputation spanning decades as a man who helped to train, make, and coach up millionaires. An incredibly successful Canadian businessman, Eker was well known in some circles but really broke out with his 2005 book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind.

At that point the demand for Eker’s services shot through the roof, although they were already in very high demand. He has long been fascinated with wealth, successful business, and with what processes can allow people with no advantages or connections to start with nothing (like he did) and become a millionaire in a very short time. Eker did it in just under three years, and that set off his fascination with learning, coaching, and teaching others how to do the same.

Eker’s programs at this point are legendary, and Secrets of the Multimillionaire Trainer is an online course based around the carefully designed live programs and personal coaching that Eker has excelled in over decades.

What Is Secrets Of The Multimillionaire Trainer?

Secrets of the Multimillionaire Trainer is an online program through video lessons/presentations that come with supporting text on how to create a truly amazing business as a trainer. Even more broadly, this doesn’t just take up becoming a trainer in just one sense but helps individuals who want to coach, write, train, teach, lecture, and more. In other words, the style doesn’t matter. If you have lessons to share and you are passionate about what you teach, then this is a program that can help you transform that into a high level income.

The interesting thing here is that T Harv Eker has traditionally been an auditorium/live event and/or workshop sort of guy. He has published best selling books and decades of experience, but his teachings have generally been designed for conferences and seminars to get that interaction. This is held over with the power of instructional videos and recorded auditorium presentations along with new videos and training documents to further support the teaching.

This program is outstanding, and has been updated as it has been improved and crafted to tackle the individual challenges that were most common or hardest to overcome during actual coaching sessions or presentations that Eker has given. This helps to ensure the program will be as helpful as possible to the largest number of coaches, trainers, and consultants who want to take their passion and skills to the next level.

What Does The Program Include?

One promising thing to see is that they don’t skimp on content here. The program is organized into 5 specific modules, with each one focusing on a topic or set of skills that are critical to high end millionaire success. While five might seem like a small number at first glance, each module often covers multiple related topics. So one module here will often cover 3 or 4 topics that other programs would split into 3 or 4 modules.

This is especially effective because it helps a person automatically start tying various lessons together and applying them smoothly as you move forward.

Module #1: Basics, Information Entreprenuership, Picking & Marketing Your Perfect Topic
Every program needs a solid foundation, and in this case module one actually does a really nice job. This isn’t a joke of an introduction giving background and some vague instructions (“visualize it”). This dives right into the meat and gives actionable steps to help you figure out which options are truly going to be right for you.

Module #2: The Power of the Introduction Sequence
This is where too many people fail. Potential buyers, listeners, or clients aren’t going to give that much time before judging whether or not you are worth listening to. That initial moment is when you have to know how to grab attention, keep it, and build trust and repertoire so you can share what you know.

Module #3: More Powerful Presentations
The title is pretty self-explanatory – this is next level coaching for how to be a truly elite speaker and give out of this world presentations to your audience.

Module #4: Understanding the Upsell
Upselling can be seen as a bad word, but if you are offering incredible value up front and even more depending on specific paths individuals may want to further pursue, there’s nothing wrong with that. This module helps you understand how to do it right both from the standpoint of doing right by your clients as well as ramping up the big bucks from your presentations.

Module #5: Funnels, Success Systems, & Killer Presentations
This hits a lot of the really technical aspects of what really successful speaking or consulting businesses need to hit the next level. From successful high converting funnels to making that amazing presentation that gets you on everyone’s radar, this hits all the final technical details to pull it together.

What Do We Like?

The level of content and quality of content are both really excellent. This program comes with extra workbooks that supplement every single module so you can reinforce the teachings with these assignments or if there is a section that you still have a few question about, dive into the workbook and really get in there. That’s a really underrated asset and we’re happy to see it here.

In addition to this a private Facebook group helps you stay active with other users of this program, coaches who have succeeded because of it, and that constant support and those potential connections can keep paying off down the road.

What Are We Wary Of?

Surprisingly not much. The price is good, the expert is reliable, and the support is really impressive especially in comparison to other programs. The biggest one would be if you’re not looking at getting into this field or you refuse to do group/online selling. Otherwise this is really one of the better programs out there.

So What’s The Overall Verdict?

This program has definitely developed and changed in some seriously meaningful ways and the value it provides buyers with shouldn’t be ignored. The way the modules fit together related topics and create an actionable blue print step by step makes this clearly a class above most of the other similar programs out there. It comes from a verified expert in the field and at the end of the day we have to give this one a thumbs up.

It really is a truly well put together program at a great value.

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