Steven Abrahams Tesler Investments System App Review – Scam or Real Deal?

How You Can Tell Tesler Investment System Isn’t A Scam?

With so many different binary options scams out there, it can be hard to make sure that you aren’t going to get scammed. Thankfully, the CEO of Tesler Steven Abrahams has taken a number of different steps to ensure that it isn’t going to be a scam.

The first of these is the current date on the videos. When you look at the site, you see today’s date on the video, on a major news site, and even in the spoken intro.

The next thing they do right is including news stories that have covered the project. These show how the app has become trusted in the industry. Steven Abrahams even mentions all of the different media outlets that have had a chance to verify the program.

Finally, there are a number of testimonials and live data on the website. Refreshing shows that this information updates on a regular basis, and anyone who feels skeptical can look over these numbers before they make their final decision.

Who Is Making A Profit With The Tesler App?

The CEO decided that he wants to make the lives of normal people better. This means that he hasn’t aimed the program at industry insiders. Instead, he chose cab drivers, people who work at McDonalds, and stay at home moms for his testing base. This means that the people making a profit are people from all different walks of life.

These are also people with very busy lives, meaning they don’t have time to spend all day in front of the computer. Instead, these people are often drawn to the idea of a program that wont’ take up much time. Tesler prides itself on being set up within minutes and only taking around 5 minutes a day to make the program work.

Finally, the people using this program are people who can’t afford to lose money. This is important because many programs assume that your initial investment is expendable, making it a huge risk to work with their teams. This is one reason that Steven goes with a philosophy or not having trades go through if they aren’t certain, and holds the app to his own high standards. These standards include a provision that no day should end with a loss of profits.

What Does It Offer To Users?

The app uses the science of Lead Patterns to keep track of various different market trends. By analyzing these patters and comparing them with over 3 million different variables, the app is able to predict the markets with near 90% accuracy. This in turn gives a win rate of around 90% to any trades undertaken through the program.

In a surprising twist, the company also values their customer service and ensures that they are available for clients at any time of the day or night. There are even occasions when high level technical workers Skype with the people who are trying out the app. This ensures that any questions are taken care of quickly, and that users who have never looked into binary trading before are able to compete with everyone else on the platform.

They also offer daily payouts, with the ability to withdraw money within a minute after any given trade has been made. This makes it easy to keep track of profits, and keeps the money rolling in, even if the individual isn’t interacting with the app much at all. This makes it incredibly convenient for anyone who needs money right away, or why can’t afford to have their initial deposit tied up for a long period of time. This makes it clear that Steven Abrahams is serious about ensuring that the program is easy to access for people from all walks of life.

The Benefits Of Using It Over Other Systems

The Tesler method appears to have a much higher return rate than many similar programs. Their large scale investment and the fact that they are nearing public release, ensure that there is a huge amount of development being put into the tool. This ensures that the sheer amount of data available, combined with lightning fast analysis of that data, makes the app incredibly successful.

The app also does its own risk analysis to ensure that trades are always going to be safe. This means that users don’t have to research or understand the markets in order to get paid. This takes a lot of the barriers out of investing.

The Negatives That Come Along With Use

If someone is already well versed in this type of trading, they may find that the system is a bit too restrictive for their liking. There is an option to trade manually, but the signals do best when sent automatically. This does limit the amount that is being earned, but it’s also part of the reason that the payouts are so steady.

Another downside is that the company is not necessarily designed for large scale trading. It seems to work best with smaller amounts and doesn’t rely upon building up investments over time. This means that the money earned over a client’s first couple of days is likely to be the standard for what they earn over their lifetime of program use. However, this means that being able to set it and forget it after the 5 minutes a day will net predictable results.

Getting Started

Getting started with the Tesler system is free and only requires a few minutes to fill in a form. Once that is done, helpful team members walk you through the creation of an account, and the initial $250 deposit to start trading. This process generally takes less than 15 minutes, and the app can be used for free for the next 41 days.

After those 41 days, there is a small commission taken off of profit, not off of deposits. The commission is 0.05% or 50 cents for every one hundred dollars. This small commission rate is taken out after withdrawals have happened, and is a flat rate without any membership fees or any other charges.

Personal Success Stories

The biggest success stories available are almost all from people who were at the ends of their ropes and didn’t know where to turn. Working in dead end jobs, struggling with health conditions, and feeling like they were too old for the world is something that many different people reported before starting with the app.

These people almost all loved how fast it was to get started, and how little they needed to know. There are a few stories of people who did understand the market as well, and they found that the tool made it easy to trade in a no risk manner.

The process of setting up the app and beginning to trade is incredibly fast and that interface is smooth and clearly labeled. This makes it easy to understand what is being asked of users, and ensures that everyone can access the tool.

Closing Thoughts on Tesler Investments App

The app does work and has shown itself to not be a scam. It is obviously pointed at people from a working class background who aren’t looking to take huge risks. It’s one of the only programs around that takes into account the actual needs of day to day users.

Combining these facts with a high win rate and an extremely low commitment for time and money, the app seems like a dream come true. Only time will tell how the app will hold up once it has gone public, but for now it has our total approval.

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