Edward Robinson’s The Orion Code Review – Scam or Worth Investing?


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There are many different trading programs out there that claim to be able to help you make money. Whether it’s taking trading to the next level or producing a push button and getting an automated trading software that can make the process automatic and take things like emotion and human error out of the equation. Unfortunately there are also many scams out there claiming to deliver all the goods but that then fail to do so.

Fortunately, in a world full of scams from people trying to make a cheap buck, Edward Robinson’s “The Orion Code” delivers on the promises he makes. The reason for that is simple: the name behind it, Edward Robinson, is known as “The Nice Guy Millionaire” and he has been on a quest for years to take all the knowledge he has, the software he has helped to develop, and use that to help out common individuals become millionaires instead of seeing all of his work go to take care of Wall Street guys, their shady friends, and just have to deal with it while him and even his team of developers who created the original Orion code software didn’t enjoy any of the profits.


With the opening up of the binary markets, and the honing of the software, finally he just became fed up and decided that it was time to take care not only of himself but also his programmers and make sure they truly got what they deserved. Once they were taken care of they could continue to adapt and improve the software as technology improved and eventually come out to help the common man, as well.

Just What Are Binary Options?

Binary options are a relatively new and very interesting way of trading that allows traders to make a trade on any market based on general probability with set odds for payout. This never became available to the general public until around 2008. The truth was that until computer technology and speed advanced to a certain point, not to mention worldwide Internet reliability, there was just no realistic way to trade those markets.

Once they became open to everyone, Edward saw a new opportunity for his software to be more effective than ever by moving into trades that were free of individual market constraints, but would take a bit of time to always go through – making his rocket quick software perfect for jumping in, stepping ahead of the curve, and skimming off the additional profits as a result.

So Just Who Is Edward Robinson?


Edward Robinson is the brains behind this software and, as he mentions throughout the video, he has been featured in Forbes on multiple occasions. Just a few of his nicknames include “The Wall Street Wizard,” “The Nicest Rich Guy in the World,” and “The Millionaire Maker.” Those nicknames obviously point towards someone who has a good heart and has definitely stuck out from the crowd, especially a crowd of high rolling millionaires, apparently.

Robinson is also a self-proclaimed philanthropist and takes pride in the fact that he has this reputation for being an outstanding individual. He often peppers his talks with the phrase “not your average jerk millionaire,” and all the early indications seem to suggest that he backs up that sentiment fairly well.

What Is The Orion Code Software?


The Orion Code software is the brain child of Edward Robinson, and although you may have heard about it from Forbes or other financial stories, this software has undergone some major changes and advancements since those early days. While this software was always effective it has become even more so since then. There are even confirmed cases of people making $10,000 in a single day or more with large accounts. Over 350 early adopters have become millionaires or are well on their way to getting there. That’s really saying something.

So how does it work? The key is speed of calculations. This is the absolute fastest monitoring software out there. Since the calculations in the software are being made at speeds never before seen, they can see when a trade is about to be made, jump in ahead of it at slightly better rates, see that major trade take place, then jump out and reap in the extra profits.

This is part of how high frequency trading works: a favorite trading strategy of the richest and most powerful people in the world because it is a form of gaming the system that can’t fail.

So why release it now? Because Edward hated that all money was going to Wall Street guys, shady friends, and him and his programmers were kept away from the extra profits. He hated that he couldn’t help out the little guy. When binary options and new markets came along, he decided enough was enough and it was time.

Benefits of this software include:

  • Software is 100% automated
  • Guaranteed to be profitable
  • Software is free to use
  • Works with only top notch brokers
  • 2 month money back guarantee

What Does This Mean To You?

The key is you don’t have to know the markets here. Technology, software, and the right mathematical patterns (especially when automated to eliminate human emotions and error) always trump understanding of the Forex, of binary options, and actually knowing how to trade or how to read constantly unpredictable markets. That is a great benefit because it can be how it assures your success.

This software scrapes other people’s and institution’s trades by getting ahead of them, seeing whether it is a buy or sell, and then jumping ahead of them to make the appropriate trade early and skimming off the difference as profit. Whether the market goes up or goes down, this software is always one step ahead and it always skims off the front.

That point is worth repeating over and over and beating through: since this software works no matter what direction the markets are going it can’t fail. Are the markets plunging? You still profit. Are the markets shooting through the roof? You still profit. Is the market volatile but moving sideways? You make a lot of profits in that situation!

This software is designed to be fool proof and that’s exactly what they manage to accomplish.

Pros Of The Orion Code

  • The software is free of charge
  • Only takes a very small deposit to start
  • Fully automated
  • Works with any desktop or browser
  • Very easy to use system
  • 24 hour access to your accounts
  • 2 month money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Long success record

Cons Of The Orion Code

  • Manual interference can lead to major losses
  • Software is free, but you do need $250 to start a trading account
  • Must have about an hour a day to touch up account parameters
  • You do need a PC of some type and solid Internet connection

What’s The Verdict?


While it is easy to understand while so many people are a bit jaded when it comes to online trading software, this is one of the times where the good guys actually deliver. Sometimes things that seem too good to be true actually are true – but people just don’t share those stories and that’s sad. That’s the type of thing that “The Nicest Rich Guy In The World” hates and because of that he has released software that frankly, would normally be one of those five or ten thousand dollar or more packages.

That is, if Wall Street allowed it to get released at all. Don’t let past disappointments get the best of you – this one is worth a try.


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