URB Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough Review – Scam or Worth It?

Note: To see how Susan and Chris made an $8,000 affiliate commission watch the videos at the end of this review.

How does the following idea sound to you? You spend the rest of your life working a boring job, 8 hours a day, six days a week, and can barely afford to pay all of your necessary bills. Hopefully, if you’re lucky, you can retire once you are past 60 years old and then receive a pension that’s probably less than you were earning when you were working. Of course, there’s always the chance you’ll somehow lose that retirement pension along the way. And then what?

Chances are, that idea doesn’t sound too great to you. Yet it is the reality that many hard working people strive for. But why? It’s because they have been told since that is how the world works. From the day you are old enough to have your first job you realize how much you hate working while also learning that it’s an inevitable fate.

But what if it didn’t have to be? There are actually plenty of people around the world who make a lot of money without doing a lot of work. As a matter of fact, it seems that the more money a person makes the less work that they do. At least, after a certain threshold, the ratio of work to income seems to tilt in the favor of income. What is their secret?

While I can’t vouch for the money making secrets of every successful person in the world, I can vouch for a small group of them. This group of people are participants of the MOBE program. In particular, they used the Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough to help them accumulate enough funds to enjoy life and to live a lavish retirement without spending every hour of every weekday working a job that they hated.

What Is The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough?

Often abbreviated as UBR, the Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough is a one-of-a-kind system designed by two experts in their fields named Susan Beesley and Chris Beesley. On one hand, it’s a new and innovated money making system. On the other hand, it is built around an existing system that is known as the MOBE program. In that sense, it is considered a front end offer for MOBE, but more on that later.

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