Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 Scam or Worth Investing?


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If you’ve landed on my page then most probably you’re an aspiring affiliate marketer looking for the best ways to earn money online. You may have Googled “Wealthy Affiliate Review” and found my website among the top of the list.

You’re also curious to know whether Wealthy Affiliate is too good to be true. Is it?

You’ll be glad to know that I take my reviews very seriously. I want to provide the best, the most helpful and the most thorough product review. I want to help you to make a decision right after you read the last sentences of my post. Like you, I don’t want to waste my time on scams and products that aren’t worth it.

If you’ve read Wealthy Affiliate reviews online, you may be convinced that it’s not a scam, and that all of those who opted for it are making gains right now.

Aren’t you a bit curious to see all of these affiliate marketers promoting Wealthy Affiliate, saying how it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, etc. etc. while they bash every other similar product? They follow the format of “Bash X product, get Wealthy Affiliate instead”.

It’s a good thing that you landed here in my site today to read about my Wealthy Affiliate review. I am going to outline what Wealthy Affiliate is, what they do and how you can use it. There’s going to be as little bias as possible. In short, you’ll see Wealthy Affiliate for what it really is, plain and simple.

  • Company Name – Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website – www.WealthyAffiliate.com
  • Price – $0 Starter Account
  • Wealthy Affiliate Owners – Kyle and Carson

Wealthy affiliate is ideally a community membership that offers its users access to a variety of tools and training necessary when building a successful online business. It provides a platform where online entrepreneurs can learn from the experts, ask about any challenges they might be facing while running their online business, and get their questions answered.

The Wealthy Affiliate program essentially teaches members how to make more money online, and unlike most of the “get rich quick” schemes that are common in the internets, this platform promises a gradual long-term success. The community is also comprised of like-minded individuals, who are focused on developing their skill, building their business, and helping each other out in the process.

Wealthy Affiliate Members Area

This is one of the good features about Wealthy Affiliate, and honestly one that surprised me most. Their community is much like Facebook, as members can like and share things with each other, comment on posts, and instantly answer any of the questions you might have. Another incredible feature is the ability to post a webpage after building it, in order to get honest comments from the community, and therefore get you website going in the right direction.

Is there anything worse than having a website with no comments or social engagement? Well, the Wealthy Affiliate solves this quite cleverly. The whole idea of having the community is paying forward. This means that you will have to leave comments on the sites belonging to other members. It’s a win-win for everyone!

How It All Begun

In 2005, two Canadian guys named Carson and Kyle developed the Wealthy Affiliate program as just a keyword list memberships providing users a huge database of highly-searched keywords meant for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns.

With the young team already being successful online prior to the inception of Wealthy Affiliate, it was not a surprise that they build a website primarily based on helping others to learn and build successful online businesses, by simply following their model.

With time, the website continually amassed more and more users, and morphed it into a training portal, adding more training materials and even a forum. Such additions became a huge hit, attracting more people based on the feedback of those who were already members. Users were praising the program as innovative, and up to date, especially with the training materials. This is a rather uncommon trait in the online marketing training industry.

Carson and Kyle also had the vision of improving the membership constantly, in order to help people to learn more about internet marketing, so that they can become successful, by providing them with the best training platform they can find. So far, they have exceeded their vision. Currently, Wealthy Affiliate has been is business for over 10 years, and is constantly improving its tools, training materials, and support resources, unlike any other platform online.


The primary aim of Wealthy affiliate is teaching users about online marketing. However, one of the most challenging parts of building any learning portal is making sure the platform accommodates everyone’s style of learning, since there are different kinds of learners such as visual learners and reading learners.

Nonetheless, all the learning materials included in the platforms are relatively easy to follow, and as we mentioned earlier, they have a comment area within the training materials so that users can ask questions whenever they land into trouble. The questions are usually answered by the founders, or the other members. The training materials usually come in different formats as explained below:

1. Core Training

With a Starter Account, which comes free of charge, get you rolling by encouraging you to dive right into the Online Entrepreneur Certification course: Getting Started. This is the first course (Level one), and has 10 lessons, with the aim of familiarizing the user with affiliate marketing.

As you are taken through the Level 1 training, you will be required to complete a few action-based items. This is very important as it keeps you engaged with the course, and allows you to interact with other members of the community.

There are a total of 5 certification courses:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification: Getting Started
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification: Build your own Traffic Generating Website
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification: Make Money
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification: Master social Engagement
  • Business of Content How to achieve Maximum Success through Creating Content

From Level 2 up to Level 5 are premium courses, which are quite similar but have different action based items you will be required to complete. In my opinion, these certification courses are OK (nothing special) , and you will probably find yourself going back to the courses to refresh your memory.

2. Live Training

Wealthy Affiliate ClassroomIn order to keep the platform up to date and engaging, Wealthy Affiliate offers live video classes on a weekly basis, and offer different topics each week. Unlike most other live session training from other companies with some form of upsell or product promotion at the end of the session, Wealthy Affiliate has no such upsells.

The live training sessions are recorded, and for those that are unable to attend the live sessions can find the respective recording within 24 hours after the broadcast. You can also leave a review and star rating for each session, which will be visible to all the members.

3. Community Training

The Wealthy Affiliate’s community is one of the most best elements of the program, considering how abundant and caring it is. There’s genuinely a great need to help each other to grow, and the community training highlights this.

Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate have the privilege of adding their own training materials, especially if they have been in the platform for a specified amount of time. This is quite incredible because it provides the users a diverse set of training materials, including ones that other members have actually used to achieve success.

The members can also rate and review these training materials, so that other users can evaluate how useful the materials are. The platform also has a strict no selling and no spamming policies within the community training, and the platform is constantly monitored for such violations.

So, Who’s Wealthy Affiliate For?

The Wealthy Affiliate program is for those people that want to learn how they can build their online business, from beginners to intermediate marketers. However many experienced marketers join the platform in order to share their knowledge, so that they can stay on top of the latest changes that occur in the internet marketing scene.

You should keep in mind that you need to invest your time and work to make it work for you. The program teaches you how to create a successful online affiliate business, and as you know, creating any successful business requires a serious investment of effort, time, and money. Nonetheless, to join wealthy Affiliate, you don’t necessarily need any money; you can use the basic free membership plan, which essentially offers you everything you need to start, including training, support, and 2 free hosted websites. I should point out here that the basic free membership plan only has information that is already available for free in most internet marketing forums.

WA Premium Package

inside wealthy affiliate membership

The premium package is offered as a monthly subscription of $49. As a premium member, you will be able to focus on building your online business, and not having to deal with separate hosting companies of eve purchasing essential software such as website builders or keyword research tools. Moreover, whenever you experience a hiccup, you won’t have to spend your time searching for answers around the web, which could be outdated and unreliable. In addition, premium membership gives you everything you need, in one package.

If you are a beginner such features alone make the Wealthy Affiliate program so much better compared to some other opportunities and similar programs online because you have everything in one place.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros

  • Free Membership
  • No Hard Upsells
  • Useful for Online Marketing Beginners
  • You can learn at your own pace
  • No Program or App to install. Everything is accessed via Internet

Wealthy Affiliate Cons

  • Most of the training including in the paid membership can be found for free in other forums like the Warrior Forum
  • You’ll need to invest in a lot of time to learn all the included training materials.
  • Difficult learning curve
  • The design of the platform could be improved. The sheer amount of buttons, options, and possibilities can be quite distractive sometimes.
  • No Moneyback Guarantee


The Verdict

Perhaps the most annoying con of all is that almost all Wealthy Affiliate reviews found online are pretty one-sided. I mentioned it before, and I’ll say it again. They are hell-bent to prove everything else is a scam even without trying the products while defending Wealthy Affiliate as not. You’ll read scathing reviews on other similar products being offered on the web and say you should go to Wealthy Affiliate for the real thing.

Wealthy Affiliate is a marketing company that caters to beginner online affiliate marketers looking to get started on their online business venture. These beginners wouldn’t know how to create a WordPress website. They wouldn’t know what SEO stands for. They wouldn’t know how to convince their readers to purchase what they’re offering.

While I agree that everyone has to start somewhere, I wouldn’t count on Wealthy Affiliate as one of the better programs to start off with. Sure, the good intentions are there- they create a platform of learning and training for someone to be better at selling affiliate products, but there are still better ones out there.

If you’re one of those who are struggling to catch a big break in the world of affiliate marketing, then chances are Wealthy Affiliate isn’t what you need. The truth is that there are other ways to earn significant profits on the web.

Don’t just blindly rush in. Stop, think and take the time to see if there are any other ways to make big money.


#1 Recommendation for 2017.

Personally, I’ve been promoting My Online Business Empire. It has been converting great for me. It’s an awesome program and great community.

I have tried and promoted many affiliate programs but MOBE  makes me the most amounts of money with very little work need on my part.  I’ve already made $190k  this year promoting MOBE.

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Guys, MOBE It’s a great program for newbies as well as experience marketers like me.

All I have to do is send my traffic to their funnel and they have a sales team that closes the sales for me. Also they provide massive value to all the members that join. They even include a personal coach for each member. This is a real person that you can talk to live on Skype that will help you get started with your online business asap. You can also licence the back end products and earn high ticket commission.

That’s why MOBE is my nr #1 recommendation for 2017.

All you have to do is join, become an affiliate, send traffic to the funnel and watch the traffic convert into cash day in and day out.  If you have no idea how to send traffic don’t worry…you’ll learn everything inside the member’s area.

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  • Eric Brockway

1 thought on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 Scam or Worth Investing?”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is full of nothing but lies!
    You are getting ripped off, don’t you realize that…Damn I feel sorry for you.
    Man… I truly hope you get wise to their BS! They also have you pay for a year’s membership after you are paying monthly, by sending you email after email, and than after 3 months, they revoke your privileges, so you pay for a year to get only 3 months, unless you are making BIG money for the company, they might let you stay on! That’s why they have the NO refund policy! They promote bullying by allowing it to happen, they don’t respond back, even when you ask them nicely to put a stop to the person cyber bullying! They use a little spam button the bully or anyone can use to click on 10 times on comments or posts if they don’t like you or a post or comment, even if it’s NOT spam! A button does the work for them! All you need is 10 spam clicks, according to Carson one of the owners, and your privileges are revoked! Than they don’t email you back so you can find out why! They are under investigation at the moment, so just a friendly warning! My friend overdosed once over this, and now she just did it again with more pills! All because of the cyberbuyyling of the two nicknames @Rich and MozMary!


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