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Digital marketing technology moves at the speed of light. There pace of innovation in the digital marketing space is so great that marketers always need to be one step ahead in order to play the game. These innovations and available of so many software solutions are there to help digital marketers but dealing with so many systems gets overwhelming quickly.

More often than not, the technology that is supposed to help a marketer get ahead becomes a tight noose around the neck. This is the reason, Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins have come up with a new game changer integrated solution for marketers.


It is an all-in-one online business platform that integrates all the marketing software solutions you need to build and run a 21st century digital marketing business. It brings together e-commerce and digital marketing capabilities on a single platform and allows you to focus on your business without worrying about the backend technology stack. Here is a small taste of what this new solution has to offer:

  • Complete affiliate management
  • Complete email marketing solution
  • Highly converting marketing pages
  • Shopping cart
  • Membership sites
  • Marketing automation
  • Detailed analytics
  • Video hosting
  • Live chat help desk
  • Amazing templates

Who Is Andy Jenkins?

If this is the first time you have come across this name, you are a complete beginner to the Internet marketing landscape. Andy Jenkins is a well-known name in the Internet marketing community. He is well known for being the name behind Stompernet which became known as the premier training place for online marketers at its launch. It won’t be wrong to say that Stompernet launch was the event that established Andy Jenkins in the IM community. After all, Stompernet launch resulted in sales of over 18 million in the first 24 hours, a feat that still does not have a parallel in the industry.

He is an expert in search engine optimization, video marketing and various other digital marketing disciplines. He studied filmmaking in college and while working at Microsoft, he came up with the idea of creating a store for Medieval weapons.

The store was a big success and prompted Andy Jenkins to focus on his internet marketing career. Since then, he has created dozens of successful products to help other marketers and is right regarded as a visionary marketer.

Who Is Mike Filsaime?

He is most recognized for his various digital marketing courses but he is much more than a digital marketer. He is a renowned business consultant, speaker, software developer and an author. He has been to over 20 countries sharing his knowledge about Internet marketing. He started in the digital marketing industry in 2002 and since then, he has been the force behind some of the biggest Internet marketing products in the industry.

His companies have generated over USD 50 million in revenue in just a decade.

Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime merged their companies in 2013 in order to focus on small business. Over the past few years, they have come up with quite a few highly successful Internet marketing products which shows they understand what people want.


This is a webinar platform that was launched by the team of Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins in the beginning of 2014 and it is still going strong. Over the years, a number of webinar platforms have emerged as marketers have discovered the potential of selling products through webinars.

When they launched this product, there were very few options available to marketers. They understood the potential of webinars for entrepreneurs like you and created a really good product that offered unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees at that time. There was no other product at that time that offered such a great deal at such a low price.

The success of this webinar platform shows that they have the technical expertise and knowledge to create a successful business platform. Another good news is that they have continuously updated the software and worked out all the kinks. In fact, the software is regularly updated to provide new features to the subscribers.


It is another webinar product by the winning duo of Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. This product allows marketers to completely automate webinar marketing. Marketers have the option to record their webinar earlier but the solution makes it look like live webinar.

It frees marketers to focus on the core business of driving traffic to their sales message in order to make more sales. This webinar solution also integrates with various auto responder email services and comes with a variety of high quality opt-in templates. At the time of its launch, there was no other affordable solution that offered these features.

This product has also been available for a few years and the success of this product shows that the winning duo of Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime are great at creating high quality and completely automated solutions to help entrepreneurs like you succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape.

Why you should care about Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime?

Over the past few years, this team has launched multiple software and training solutions including highly successful WebinarJam, Evergreen Business System, Traffic Genesis, Video Genesis, Webinar Control and EverWebinar among others. All of these products have been highly successful and well regarded by the Internet marketing community.

All of these products have achieved huge success due to the brains behind these products.

The team of Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins is focused on providing completely automated marketing solutions. They are established Internet marketers who have shown that they are way ahead of the game.

They continuously test out new solutions. Their want businesses to focus on selling instead of worrying about the backend technology. Kartra is a step in that direction.

All of their software as a service products have been highly successful and the technical team behind these products has shown that they are capable of creating intuitive and user-friendly solutions. Also, they continue to add more features to their earlier programs. In short, they care for their customers.

Why You Need Kartra?

Kartra is a completely automated full business platform. It is a continuation of the idea by the team of Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins that businesses need completely automated solutions. Marketers should not have to worry about the technology backend.

This software solution combines various aspects of digital marketing such as video hosting, list building, business management platform, affiliate management, email marketing, split testing, analytics, automated sales funnels, highly converting templates, live chat solution, membership websites and other such things that a modern digital marketer needs.

What makes this product unique is that all the marketing functions are available under one roof and marketers do not need to worry about any aspect of digital marketing. Everything you need to build a successful online sales campaign is there. You just need to drag and drop a few things in order to start your new marketing campaign.

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