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  • Product: GrooveKart
  • Creator: Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta
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  • Rating: 98% 


If you stopped by, then you must have some interest in e-commerce. Today, the industry is cut-throat because everyone is shopping online and merchants are rushing to cash in. The kind of platform you choose to run your online business on matters a lot when it comes to getting conversions.

Online merchants are looking for a platform that will provide a professional e-commerce store at a friendly price. While there are a lot of e-commerce platforms that you could use to showcase your products online, nothing is quite as good as Groove Kart. The platform, which has been in development for the past couple of years is soon going to be launched for use by online business people.

GrooveKart is a groundbreaking platform completely designed from the ground up to help you make a six-figure income from your online business. The platform offers everything you could possibly need to start up a successful online venture from proven templates, social proofing, re-targeting, up-sells, reviews, and more. For those that are considering starting an online business, Groove Kart is something to pay attention to. In this article, we will be going over what GrooveKart is, what makes it stand out in the marketplace, and why you should make the switch.

What exactly is GrooveKart?

Still wondering what all the fuss about GrooveKart is about? You are not alone. There are many merchants out there still using the typical and old platforms we are all used to. GrooveKart is the new eCommerce platform with outrageous specifications. What makes it even better is the fact that you get all these features for a very reasonable price that shouldn’t be a hassle to cover.

One of the first things that will hit you about this new platform is the fact that there are no additional apps to download. The myriad features we keep talking about cover all types of bells and whistles of an online store that you would typically have to download, most likely at an exorbitant price. From timers to high converting templates, reviews, social proof and other features, the platform has everything you need just a mouse click away.

GrooveKart Founders

 Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta

To provide the best version of any product, the manufacturer needs to know what market they are dealing with. In this case, the developers have a world of experience in online business.

Mike Filsaime is the name behind companies such as Marketer’s Cruise, EverWebinar and Kartra. As a business man who has turned millions in profits from such ventures, there is no one better to help kickstart an online business and have it thrive.

Aside from Mike’s prowess on the online front, you have co-founder John Cornette, who also comes in with a wealth of experience. Cornetta has singlehandedly build eCommerce stores that rake in six figures every month. John is the brain behind GrooveKart’s user-friendly design and feature-filled nature.

The two have reputations to maintain and have put them on the line with their new product. That alone is proof enough that what you see is what you get with the new Shopify platform. The two business magnates have designed the platform with integrity, trustworthiness and most of all, quality in mind.

Some of the options out there lack much of what makes GrooveKart what it is. We could spend the whole day trying to win
you over but you would need to use the platform to understand just how well it works.

GrooveKart Features

This is the favorite part for salespeople anxious to know what new specs they can expect with the impending launch of the platform. You will be pleased to know that there are tons of great features that will save you money and time.

First, off we have to commend the developers for making it an easy-to-use platform that even the beginners can use without feeling like they are missing it all. You can easily move items around to get the visual appeal you are looking for even if it is your first time using the platform. Besides, the salesperson doesn’t have to be there all the time to keep watch over the platform’s working. You just need a few hours getting everything in order after which the platform will work around the clock
to increase your conversions.

Today’s merchant has a lot to choose from when it comes to the online front. GrooveKart developers have made sure the platform is compatible with all the systems out there. You can easily switch to the platform, which even allows you to transfer your Shopify store as is in a matter of seconds.

There is a gamut of features listed on the official website. You would have to check the site to see them all. The list is too long, we would need a whole other article to go into the features to completion but here are a few of the incredible specs you can expect;

Click and sell: No coding knowledge?

Not to worry, that is not why you have an online store anyway. With GrooveKart, you just have to make a few clicks and you are done. Once you are done, you can sit back and wait for the conversions.

Easy switch to the platform from Shopify:

As aforementioned, moving to the new platform is embarrassingly easy. All you have to do is follow the prompts and you should be finished in no time as the import feature requires not more than a couple clicks to work.

Unlimited upsells:

Your eCommerce store is yours to run and one of the things you can do to better your chances at conversions is add unlimited upsells. You have the chance to add as
many upsells as you can because you will not incur any extra charge for it.

A plug-and-play solution that actually works:

Do you hate applications that tell you how easy it is to navigate their interface, only to get stuck midway? You need not worry about that with GrooveKart. Even the beginners can set up their store without any help from the developing team.

GrooveKart Studio:

The studio is an exciting feature that makes creating your personalized store akin to playing a video game. Here, you will find a product design tool, page builder
with a drag-and-drop feature for page building, layer app with which you can drag and drop patterns on apparel (say sweater, sneakers, tote bags, high heel
shoes and jumpers) among many others. Your GrooveKart studio also includes Print on Demand Apparel and the GK AliConnect complete with automated drop shipping.

Easier payment modes:

The norm at the moment is that you are charged a fee for every transaction. With GrooveKart, you won’t have to share your profits with anyone. Additionally, you
can accept payments from all over the world using Stripe, Paypal and, which the platform supports.

Built-in help:

You can do all your integration from the platform without having to download any other apps. The help desk is also built into the app so you can easily get assistance
whenever you need it.

Who is GrooveKart meant for?

The platform does not target any kind of business specifically. Any businessperson looking to move their wares online can get the platform for their store. It is one of the reasons the software was made so easy to use. All kinds of merchants are welcome to try the platform and see how things go for them in the way of conversions.

There is no denying the influx of other such software in the market. Even so, GrooveKart outdoes them all by a long mile. The platform is a welcome breath of fresh air from the norm, which involves platforms that quite honestly limit your growth on the online front. If there is a better way to start you online business, it has not been discovered yet. With GrooveKart, your online presence will surely boost your sales.

GrooveKart Price – Sign-up cost:

Where do I sign up? How much is it? Well, we’ve been saying that you won’t have to spend much for your store. There are three plans available in the beta version;

1.The Basic Plan: Costs $79 for a monthly subscription

2.Starter Plan: $99 a month

3.Platinum subscription: $149 a month

If you are planning to sign up, you will get a better deal picking the third payment plan which goes for $99, a steal at the moment. You can make your payments through a number of payment modes such as American Express, Visa, Discover card or MasterCard.

Where to get support

Enjoy excellent customer support by reaching out to GrooveKart at [email protected]. The FAQs section also has alot of valuable information so do check those before reaching out for help over something that you could easily solve on your own.

Our take on GrooveKart

GrooveKart is meant to make your eCommerce business easier, but you already know that. What you don’t know is all the different ways in which it is designed to do this for you. As we mentioned before, you don’t have to worry about transaction fees or add-on expenses that always seem to take money from your pocket on other platforms of its kind.

How quickly would you like to work?

This powerful platform has unique features that will save you a lot of time when it comes to store personalization. The drag-and-drop aspects of store building make the whole process feel like something you are doing for fun. Browse through 300 pre-made designs, all with a premium look that will have you wondering what template to use.

Merchants can also benefit from a free GrooveKon ticket. Doesn’t it feel a bit unfair to have to pay the entrance fee to a convention that is meant to teach you how
to use the software you already paid for? GrooveKart merchants can attend conventions close to them free of charge so that they don’t miss any of the
annual events.

Attending conventions of this kind helps a lot since there are a lot of new features introduced at such events that would help you improve your business.

Training videos

It is a little disappointing that there are not enough training videos from the developers. Even though the platform’s workings are quite easy to grasp, a video or two showing the process would be a great help. However, there is some good news in this regard. The developers John Cornetta and Mike Filsaime are gearing to release a detailed eCommerce video sharing all the nuggets of wisdom you need for a thriving online business. The video’s release is slated for January 2019, right after the new
GroooveKart platform launches.

You will also be glad to hear that your account type will be upgraded automatically once the new version is launched. Merchants using the beta version will get the new version at no extra charge.

As a platform for online stores GrooveKart is a godsend. If you are an online seller looking for the newest way to sell online, then you should get on GrooveKart. With the expert development and array of options for whatever you want to do, it’s hard to see why you would be disappointed.



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