Aurum Tech Review: Is It Legit Or Full Of Empty Promises?



Finding a good review can be far more difficult than it should be in this day and age. While the Internet brings a wide array of websites and experiences to your fingertips, it also brings up thinly disguised affiliate websites, biased reviews, and a host of other slushy information you need to work your way through, hoping to find anything that seems even remotely even handed. What is the following? It’s not a hard sales pitch, some marketing funnel, or poorly rehashed bit of fluff from watching a single video.

This is our attempt to provide a fully detailed review on Aurum Tech and their binary options trading software. The good, the bad, and everything in between, all of it gets shared with our professional opinion on whether this one is worth a go or not. Read on to finally get the full story.

Introducing Aurum Tech

Aurum Tech is a name that has received a lot of attention recently, as they have made a lot of noise on the binary options trading front. While this is an area of the markets that tends to see a lot of newcomers and many different promises of strong returns, there’s also a reputation for most companies being, at best, less than effective and outright scams in the worst cases. Despite the old saying that says otherwise, there is such a thing as bad publicity.

In the case of Arum Tech the noise appears to be a little bit more reassuring. While you always want to take testimonials and company claims worth a grain of salt, the buzz around Arum seems to revolve around two main points:

  • The success of early users/beta testers
  • The choice of Arum Tech to only trade binary options based on the movement of precious metals and not fall for unaffiliated currencies in the Forex

There are many companies vying for attention from potential traders, and individuals who want a better future by finding some type of trading software or system that can help them beat the markets and help them to be financially independent. For many, binary options seem to be where those hopes might actually find a basis in reality.

Just What Are Binary Options?

Binary options are a form of trading that have become extremely popular with many traders because of the high chances of making money and the ability for smart traders to use how binary options work in order to make even volatile markets like commodities and Forex less so. The problem is that human emotion often gets in the way because of the “all or nothing” way that binary option trading tend to work.

What Are Binary Options Robots?

Sometimes referred to as binary options robots, but more accurately referred to as binary options software or automated binary options trading systems. This relies on high quality software that take care of identifying market patterns, identifying trends and counter trends, and can automatically make and take care of all aspects of a trade without the trader being involved at all. This takes out the emotions and fear out of trading and that means better result as long as the software is good.

This is the type of trading program that Aurum Tech is currently offering new trainees. This isn’t about learning decades of knowledge or training, it’s about helping to see the software work and make sure it continues to function at an extremely high level while reaping the benefits.

How Is Aurum Tech Different?


One of the emerging start ups in trading technology, Aurum isn’t an “appeared yesterday, pitches today, and gone tomorrow” type of software. There has already been a solid 3 years of testing that has gone into perfecting the Aurum Tech software.

In addition to having their own formulas and pattern recognition software settings, they also focus their binary options trading the Forex which can be profitable, but it is also volatile and dangerous if there isn’t a solid plan on how to avoid sudden shifts. By focusing specifically on currency prices that tend to be tied to precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum, they help nullify that potential danger.

The software is the brainchild of M.I.T. “wizards” who live for developing pattern recognition and automated software and gladly used special processes that helped allow trading that is miles ahead of more conventional trading styles, giving average people the ability to get in and out ahead of the trades the way that previously only the largest of brokers could manage.

Who Is Marco Shoemaker?

marco-pierre-shoemakerMarco Pierre Shoemaker is the CEO of the Aurum Tech company, as well as serving as the public face for the trading software that has been created and developed by them. Nicknamed “Marco Money” & “Shoemillions,” and sponsor of 25 charities and philanthropic causes, this CEO didn’t always have it made as part of the 1%.

Marco and his brothers grew up as kids of poor German immigrants, would sell lemonade, cut lawns, do anything and everything kids do in the summers to earn a few extra bucks and help support the family. But they also sold candy at school (at a mark up) and repairing bikes for other kids. This work ethic stayed with him as he worked 12 hour days from the bottom on Wall Street and fought to move up the ladder, even starting from the absolute bottom of the basement.

Success didn’t happen overnight, but by working hard and paying attention to changing technology he was able to create what is now known as Aurum Tech.

What Are The Claims?

The claims that Aurum Tech makes are pretty impressive, and they are going to raise a few eyebrows based on how optimistic many of them seem.

Just a short list of claims include:

  • Earn thousands of dollars by tomorrow
  • Learn to make $187,981 with this software
  • Making hundreds of millions of dollars over the last three years
  • Helping over 450 people who have made over $1 million using the Aurum Tech system
  • Becoming “trainee” is free as the software (right now) doesn’t cost anything.

These are some of the money trades, which go into more claims to entice buyers. Some of these claims include the software making thousands a day, always showing a profit, and success being a slam dunk well over 90% of the time. They even close by saying if a new trader does not make $250,000 trading, they will pay $25,000 to compensate for time as trainee.

What Do The Testimonials Say?


There are dozens of testimonials that scroll through the main website, and this shouldn’t be surprising considering the claim of helping over 450 people hit that vaunted millionaire status. These are overwhelmingly positive and seem to reflect common themes of genuine surprise and extreme gratefulness and just how much it changed their lives.

Are There Any Negatives?

While the software and becoming a trainee is free, a small amount will need to be deposited in order to open a trading account and receive and profits or deals on matching funds. The good news is that these amounts are usually small, but it is a basic expense new traders need to be aware of.

So What’s The Verdict?

There’s a lot to like about Aurum Tech’s system, and one of the most encouraging signs is their ability to back up claims with a willingness to pay if it fails, as well as show real testimonials from people who already have years of experience. That combination makes this an automated binary options trading software system that rises a bit above the rest and is definitely worth the shot for those looking for one that will finally pay off on the hype.


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