Plenitude Formula Review – Another Scam Software ?


Over the past few years, there has been a flurry of launches when it comes to automated trading robots in the binary options industry. Most of these automated trading robots have turned out to be complete scam and are designed specifically to trap unsuspecting investors. It won’t be wrong to say that these scams have given a bad name to the industry. However, this does not mean that there are no automated trading robots in the binary options trading arena that have the potential to make thousands of dollars a day of profit for well-informed investors.

The latest automated trading robot that has made a lot of waves in the binary options trading industry is the Plenitude Formula by George Ackerman.

George Ackerman claims that the beta testers of this software have made more than $33,000 a day in profit completely automatically with the help of this software system.

Who is George Ackerman?

george-ackermanGeorge Ackerman is the creator of this system. At one point in time, he was in a bad shape. He lost his father and his longtime girlfriend also left him. He used to work as a cashier clerk at Morgan Stanley bank but he decided to quit his job and started his own advisory firm called Plentitude Formula Group in his two-bedroom apartment.

He started the company with a few clients who followed him from his previous job. To grow his business, he started producing a regular newsletter with investment notes and market insights. This newsletter quickly got popular and it resulted in a growing list of corporations, pension funds as well as others who were willing to pay him for his brilliant insights. His insights were so brilliant that one of the biggest banks in the world allowed him to manage a fixed-income retirement fund with assets of $5 million.

He was also asked by a retirement fund for advice on managing risk and growth. Within a short period of time, he was able launch his first hedge fund with capital from two of the biggest corporations in the US. In a short period of nine months, his company successfully developed a number of hedge funds for public and private pension funds, institutional investors, charitable foundations, sovereign wealth funds as well as university endowments. His company now manages around $154 million in global investments which means his company is now one of the biggest hedge funds in the US.

What is the Plenitude Formula?

It is a simple piece of software that has been created by some of the best developers in the world under the guidance of George Ackerman. He claims that this software predicts with 98% accuracy whether a particular trade will go up or down.


He once met a billionaire and after spending a weekend with him, he decided to open his own binary options trading firm. He gave 40% equity to this billionaire in exchange of all the tricks and secrets of the trade. Things started going well for him and he was soon making $23,000-$33,000 a day. However, everything changed suddenly when the banking crisis hit and within 8 hours, he lost $27 million.

He was broke but he decided to make everything back in half the time. He knew that he just needed to figure out a way to automate the trades with 100% guarantee and without any risk. He was able to find some money in one of his forgotten bank accounts and he sold some stake in the company to the billionaire investor.

He used those funds to hire some of the best software developers to create a system that will guarantee 100% winning trades. The software developers were able to create a system and the first beta version made over $6000 on the first day. However, George Ackerman used to make more than $33,000 a day which meant that the system needed further refinement.

So, they tested the software and re-calibrated the algorithms to make the software 64% more accurate and 38% more responsive. The second version of the software was able to make $18,921 in a single day. But he wanted the software to be perfect. So, the development continued and they continued tweaking the algorithms until the software started making $33,872 profit in a single day of trading.

His friends and family wanted him to sell the software to some multinational corporation for hundreds of millions of dollars. However, he had faith that the software can be improved further. However, the development team needs more testers and more case studies to improve the software.

This is the reason that George Ackerman has opened the door for 15 lucky individuals who will become beta stage 7 testers of this system for the next 12 months.

This software is being given away for free. In fact, it’s more than free as the beta testers will get money in their Plenitude Formula account. The money will be deposited into their account after activation of the account.


It is a completely automated trading software system that does not require its users to have any experience in trading.

The developers behind this system are continuously looking at the case studies and refining its algorithms to help users make more money and more profits through the system.

With the help of the system, you will be able to trade currencies, stocks, commodities as well as other highly profitable assets.

Many users in the beta testing phase have been making six figures a month with the help of this software system.

Currently, it is claimed that the system makes more than 95% successful trades.

Since the whole system is accessible online, you can trade 24 x 7 from anywhere and at any time you want.

The customer support is available 24 x 7 for clarification of any doubts.

Currently, only 15 new users will be accepted for stage 7 beta testing.

You do not need to pay anything for the system.


  • It is completely free and you will also be given a signing bonus when you activate your account.
  • You need zero experience in trading to make money from the system.
  • There are many users who are already making six figures a month in beta testing phase.
  • The algorithms are being continuously re-calibrated to make more successful trades.
  • With the help of this system, you have the potential to make millions of dollars in the next few months.


  • Though the system is completely automated, it is being made available to only 15 lucky users for beta testing stage 7. Therefore, you may not be able to sign up for the system in case those 15 places are already gone.


Overall, there is no dearth of automated trading robots in the binary options trading space but it has been observed that most of these automated trading robots turn out to be scams. However, George Ackerman has shown that users in the beta testing phase are making a lot of money with some users claiming that they have been able to make over six figures a month with the help of this trading system.

Another advantage of this system is that it has been developed by a team that has been successfully managing over $150 million in assets and is one of the biggest hedge funds in the US. They have a lot of experience in the trading industry and are millionaires themselves.

So, if you are looking to make money completely hands-free, sign up for Plenitude Formula right now before the 15 beta tester seats are all gone.


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