ChatMatic Review – Is It Worth It?

Every business owner that is trying to grow their online presence and improve their social following can benefit from any form of automation on some of its processes. By now, you are aware of the enormous potential of the social media marketing, especially Facebook Messenger. But how can you leverage this potential?

What if a software can effectively automate your social media communications? I’m talking of handling most of the social media posts and replies, which can thereby improve your social following, and at the same time show you the growth metrics in one place. Well, there is, and it’s called ChatMatic.

Travis Stephenson, the creator of ChatMatic, had the same trouble. While there were several other options available, they were hardly lucrative, because they required a substantial knowledge on the technology in use, and a variety of other systems that made them work. On top of that, you also had to have access and learn about virtual or dedicated servers. This means you had to be very passionate about the software, or run a huge range operation.

ChatMatic is an essential tool that lets you take your customers to into the new age of social media marketing. The software is essentially an embodiment of the new revolution in marketing. It’s basic premise is that it send custom messages automatically to people who comment on both your posts and ads. It gets better, the messages are sent to the primary inboxes of your customers.

Let’s say you put up a post on Facebook. Every time a user comments on your post, the ChatMatic software will take each of those comments, and send the commenters a private message via the Facebook Messenger. In this message, you are free to add a link to your website, sales page, opt-in page, store, etc. depending on your business goals. Pretty great, right? Just think of the huge potential there!

You don’t have to worry about the message going into the “Message Requests” box, where no one ever checks. The message actually goes into their private inbox. This means your messages will certainly be seen, and perhaps be sent as a notification to their phone or computer.

Moreover, ChatMatic is scalable, automated, one-to-one, and targeted. For me, it seems any online marketer would kill for such a platform. Combine the sheer growth of Facebook Messenger with the qualities of ChatMatic, and the opportunities are just golden.

As you can already tell, CM is more like an email auto responder software, but for Facebook Messenger. We can all swear by the effectiveness of email auto responders, and ChatMatic is no different. Since the Messenger is one of the rapidly growing social media apps, it will grow to offer more opportunities in the future.

Automated Facebook Messenger

Many people don’t like to click the links placed on Facebook anymore. This is certainly not helped by fuss about fake news. However, they are more likely to click the link when it’s in a private message. Keep in mind that private messages usually imply a relationship, considering that they have already commented on the post you had put up.

ChatMatic has actually studied the open rates on the first messages sent on Facebook Messenger via its platform and found them to be 80%. Putting this into perspective, if the open rates of conventional emails was at 40%, which is of course a very high estimate for most businesses, then this tool would ideally double the open rates immediately.

The open rates for emails usually depend on the industry and type of email, and it can really help to know how a company compares when measured up against other similar companies in the industry. Some of the great resources that can help your business determine exactly where it stands include:

Email Marketing Benchmarks

The auto responder is essentially the introduction to your brand. The message builds trust. It lets your company interact with the customer on their terms, on a platform or application that they already trust and use.

Engagement is Vital

Personal conversation with the audience is crucial to the success of social media marketing. Being on a one-to-one conversation with the customers makes your marketing efforts much more rewarding.

In a survey of 1000 people, ChatMatic found out that 80% of clients agree that they are much more likely to purchase a product when they have talked to someone. Nevertheless, only 10% of online business claimed they had actively engaged their customers in a conversation. What a great opportunity in this space!

Utilizing a tool like CM can make the process of creating automated and scalable personalized conversations with customers, to exponentially grow your online business to greater heights. ChatMatic is more like a secret weapon for social media marketing.

A secret New Opt-in Strategy

Facebook integration continues to create more opportunities for online business to acquire new customers, subscribers, and even collect new email addresses for email lists in completely new ways. Here’s how:

With the traditional opt-in processes, the basic structure was as follows:

  • You place an ad
  • People click on the ad and the ad brings them to your landing page for opt-in
  • Here, you collect their name and email addresses

That’s the conventional opt-in process that we are all familiar with. But what if there was a better way? What if the process can be simplified further, thereby making it much more effective? Well, ChatMatic presents us with a new approach to the opt-in process.

ChatMatic allows us to have an opt-in without the need for creating an opt-in page. It lets us collect people’s email addresses as soon as they have clicked on an ad’s link. This process essentially skips the conventional opt-in pages, and the extra step of having the people themselves type in their email address.

With CM , you just need to create a “Sign up with Facebook” button, which ideally requests people to opt-into your email or subscriber’s list without them having to type anything or being redirected to another site. All you need to do is utilize Facebook to grab email addresses from your customers. It’s that simple!

Moreover, we have all been through this process before. Remember the last time you authorized an app to collect some of your Facebook information? That’s how this works. ChatMatic essentially taps into the incredible beauty of the ubiquitous usage of Facebook.

In this new process, the structure changes from

  • Placing an ad
  • Redirecting to an opt-in page
  • ¬†Entering email address


  • Placing an ad
  • Authorization with Facebook
  • Email address collection

As you can see, the process has been simplified further, and is much more effective in the collection of email addresses of users. In a world where many people are busy and distracted, less is more.

The increase of mobile devices has diminished the desire of most people to type in email addresses. In a poll of 5000 people conducted by ChatMatic, 75% of the people claimed that they would prefer opting in using Facebook instead of typing in an email address at an opt-in page.

Are you sensing an opportunity here? By leveraging the major use of the Facebook platform, and tapping into its power for one-to-one conversations, businesses can reach greater heights. The opportunities to exploit here are huge for any kind of business. Those that can learn to leverage the power of Facebook Messenger will be better placed to catch the next big wave.

The best part of all this is that it’s just the beginning.

100% Recommended 

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