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Launch Evolution Review:

  • Product Name: Launch Evolution
  • Creator: Matt Clark
  • Recommended: 100% Yes
  • Where to buy: >> Follow this link >>

What is one of the hardest things to do while looking to make money online?

It’s launching your product.

There is nothing worse than doing all of the legwork needed to build a world-class product only to see it fall apart during the launch. Too many entrepreneurs put themselves into this position, and that’s where guidance can go a long way.

Matt Clark has created a new product named, “Launch Evolution” for those wanting to pursue a new product launch but wishing to do it the right way.

Here is an overview of who he is and the product itself.

Features of Launch Evolution

  1. Step-By-Step Plan For Launching Product
  2. Guide For Building Irresistible Offer
  3. Learn To Maximize Traffic Sources
  4. Optimize Sales Funnel
  5. Highlights Potential Hurdles
  6. Detailed Templates For Launch
  7. Access To Million Dollar Blueprint
  8. Affiliate Recruiting/Management
  9. Learn To Build Webinars
  10. Advice On Scaling Launches

Benefits of Launch Evolution

1) Seamless Launch

The team behind Launch Evolution has years of experience online and in running businesses.

This hasn’t come without countless hurdles and issues meaning the amount of value on offer is undeniable. Those wanting to launch a seamless campaign will want to take advantage of this product.

Matt Clark and his team have crafted a product that provides step-by-step details on launching a product and creating something people want to buy. This is powerful and actionable information for anyone wishing to get started the right way.

Everything in this product is built to make launches a breeze for those who are nervous about taking the next step.

2) Understanding Optimization

It’s one thing to launch a product and another to have an optimal release.

There are too many people releasing products without understanding the power of data analysis or making changes along the way. Matt Clark’s product provides in-depth information on how to optimize launches, so they’re geared to succeed.

It eliminates some of the risks from the equation and ensures a launch goes in the direction one desires. With this product, launching will become easier due to the simple optimization one can do from start to finish with their sales funnel. It can lead to compelling results.

3) Build Flawless Sales Funnel

This product is advantageous for those wanting to build a robust sales funnel. Finding a lead is one thing but converting them is where launches fall apart.

Launch Evolution combines years of experience under one umbrella for those wishing to take the next step with their product. This information illustrates what a quality sales funnel looks like including the one Matt Clark used for his business.

This information was acquired through years of experimentation, and that’s what makes it powerful. It’s information that has been tested and does work. Anyone using Launch Evolution will begin to appreciate what works and what doesn’t with sales funnels.

4) Easy To Use Templates

How can traffic be increased to one’s product launch? This is the question most people ask, and it’s a good starting point.

This is an ideal product because Launch Evolution pays attention to what entrepreneurs/Internet marketers desire with their launches. They want to increase their ROI (return on investment), and it’ll happen with the right marketing.

This is where easy to use templates come into action and are a good “plug and play” option for marketers. Use templates that have helped Matt Clark and his team earn millions over the years.

5) Learning Power of Emotions In Product Launches

Launch Evolution steps away from a robotic product launch where everything is done in a systematic manner. Matt Clark and his team recognize incoming traffic include real people who have real problems.

This is how products have to be sold.

If people don’t have an issue or need, they won’t buy, and that’s where using emotional wordplay can go a long way. This product teaches the art of using emotion to build compelling sales copy.

It can become the difference between a small return and a massive success. Hitting the right emotions takes time, and this product helps nail it down in any niche.

6) Organized

The charm of this product includes how organized it is. Whether it’s templates, advice, or step-by-step information, it’s organized for those wanting to use it immediately.

Take the information in this product and put it to use the right way to launch perfectly. Everything has been written down to ensure the right decisions are made at the right times because that’s what makes a difference.

Matt Clark has spent years honing his craft and learning what works for product launches online. All of this advice is put together in a compelling manner for those wanting to succeed.

7) Proven To Work In $82 Million Launch

Matt Clark and his team put together a world-class product launch netting them $82 million in revenue.

Yes, this is a staggering number, isn’t it! This is what Launch Evolution is all about. No number is too small as long as the advice in this product is executed as required. It can make a significant difference.

Launch Evolution shows what it takes to hit those higher numbers without seeing kinks develop in the underlying system. This is information anyone can use to dominate their niche online and get to the numbers they wish to hit.

8) World-Class Customer Service

Why choose Launch Evolution as your go-to product?

It’s the world-class customer service provided by Matt Clark and his trained representatives. This is a support team that’s proven to do great work and has established itself through his previous product “Amazing Selling Machines.”

This customer service ensures proper support is provided every step of the way for those who are looking to harness the power of this information and turn it into a great product launch.

Whether it’s setting up a high-quality sales funnel or creating good ad copy, the support team is there to help eliminate issues one may have with the product.

9) Multiple Traffic Streams

This product teaches how to utilize multiple traffic streams and get them pointing in the right direction.

It’s one thing to find traffic streams and another to optimize them to create “hot” leads that will convert. This is what Launch Evolution does better than any other product on the market right now.

It helps find those hot leads and convert them through a robust sales funnel. No other product can illustrate what it takes to get to this stage and how to minimize mistakes, so they don’t come back to haunt you.

All information provided is up-to-date and tested in current product launches.

10) Helps Understand World of Affiliate Marketing

Launch Evolution also illustrates how to use affiliate marketers and affiliate marketing to accumulate new leads and sales. It is one of the most effective forms of Internet marketing right now and a great way to make significant sales.

Not only does Matt Clark teach how to acquire these affiliate marketers but also how to manage them.

This can ensure the leads are valuable and do convert as required. Launch Evolution is ideal for those who want to create a successful product launch designed to rake in a significant amount of money.

No other product brings such quality to the table.

11) Teaches To Scale Up

This product also highlights what it takes to scale up once a product launch has been set into motion. It’s one thing to get in a few people but what if it were possible to bring in thousands?

This is how one can start hitting those seven figure days.

Matt Clark was able to generate millions per day with the help of optimizing his scaling strategies, and those are highlighted through this product from start to finish. Anyone following these strategies will be able to do the same and see their product launch generate incredible numbers.

Who Is Matt Clark?

Let’s move the focus towards Matt Clark and who the founder is behind this product.

Matt Clark is an experienced entrepreneur that’s been helping people around the world for years. It started with a robust product named “Amazing Selling Machines” which went on to do millions in sales.

It was a heralded product and continues to earn rave reviews from everyone in the market. Matt has gone on to build a premium site in and teaches people how to scale their product launches.

This new product is an extension to what he’s provided in the past.

For those interested in launching a new product or wish to understand the world of marketing from a new perspective, it’s time to look at Matt Clark’s Launch Evolution. This is a real game-changer for those tired of seeing their product launches fall by the wayside.

Failure doesn’t need to occur as long as a seamless foundation is put in place for the product to thrive.

It’s essential to look into Launch Evolution because this is a world-class step-by-step product for those wishing to take the next step in building an unbeatable sales funnel.


Overview of The Exact Launch Model That Generated $22 Million In Sales In 8 Days

The Exact Launch Model is the second part of a video series that shows you to how generating millions of sales using a proven product launch system. Regardless of whether you are selling an information product, physical product, software, service or anything else, this proven launch system can do wonders for you. In the first part of this video series, Matt Clark, the CEO and cofounder of covers on how to craft an irresistible launch offer. He explains the three main components of a launch offer which are building a package, eliminating risk and creating scarcity.

If you have not already watched the first part of the video series, it is highly recommended that you do so before you proceed on to this part which covers the exact launch model used by to generate $22 million in sales in only 8 days. In this part of the series you will learn how to build up huge demand for your launch offer using specific content. You will be guided on how to use specific types of content to guide people down the path from interest to purchase. The entire launch model uses strategically produced and released pieces of content. Here are the main pieces of content that should be in your launch model.

Seed Content

As the name suggest, this initial piece of content is like a seed you plant way before your launch process even begins. People will be more receptive to your forthcoming launch when they are already aware of the problem you are trying to solve. Seed content is in most cases delivered in the form of blog posts, text based web content, videos or any other type of appropriate content. Seed content should take your target audience approximately 10 to 15 minutes to consume. The content should have real value to your target audience and should not be just any ordinary content you can find on the web. You need to create an attention grabbing headline for your seed content. An example of an appropriate headline for your seed content can be “3 Foods You Should Avoid If You Absolutely Hate Wrinkles”.


This content basically involves spelling out an opportunity from an existing problem that your target audience faces. This can be anything from a health or fitness issue to a problem with public speaking. You should put emphasis on the big problem that your audience needs to solve. You should also take this chance to introduce yourself and justify why your audience should listen to you. You can then go ahead to share some valuable information on the solution you are offering without directly introducing your product. You can start building your list from this stage by asking for contact information that you will use to send additional information on the subject topic to your target audience.


In the proof launch content, you are advised to shift your focus from the problem you are addressing to sharing proof of success for the solution you are offering. This is where you can share any type of results that you have from past customers and clients. You can also share your own personal results. You have to show your audience that you have a solution to their problem and you have proof to show that it works. You need to share stories, results, concrete facts and other substantial evidence that they will need to believe that your product really works.


Transformation is the next step in this launch model that involves putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. Here is where you need to acknowledge that people are listening to you because they want to gain something from doing so. Depending on the problem you are addressing your target audience may be looking to feel better, look better, have more time or experience less stress in life. Whichever objective your target audience has, it is important that you address it in your transformation content. Your transformation content needs to be tied to your proof content so that you can share real life stories of people whose lives have been transformed because of using the product or service you are offering.

Sales Content

Your sales content should be a carefully crafted piece that is capable of turning a person who is greatly interested in your product or service into a paying customer. Your sales letter should help your potential consumers to emotionally and logically justify their decision to purchase whatever you are offering. There are 13 main drivers that you should include in your sales content at least once in order to achieve remarkable sales at the end of this process. Here is the formula for creating an effective sales letter:

  • Get attention.
  • Connect with a big problem that your potential customers care about.
  • Let your target audience know that you have the solution to their problem.
  • Share proof that your product really works.
  • Establish credibility.
  • Highlight the specific benefits your customers will experience after using your product.
  • Tell your potential customers about the features of your product.
  • Make the offer.
  • Give a guarantee.
  • Mention the scarcity of your product and the need to buy now versus later.
  • Give a warning for failure to purchase your product.
  • Give a reminder that summarizes all the content that you have shared with your potential customers.

– Make a call to action and give specific instructions on how your potential customers can get your product. This can be in the form of clicking a button or adding your product to their carts.

Alternate Angle

Once you have covered all the above primary pieces of launch content, the only remaining piece that you need is your alternate angle. This piece is in most cases formulated after a few days of making sales and analyzing which group of people is buying and which group is not. Your alternative angle piece is where you get to include additional launch content that you may have not include in your main launch content. The alternative piece will help to address the issues raised by specific customers after a few day of conducting sales.

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