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While we determined that CodeFibo isn’t a scam, we know that most people want more information before investing. This is why we are compiling a list of tips, tricks, and results, to really show you how to get the most out of your experience.

We started out with around $750 in our account, not that much, but something that you can really start to see results with.

We recommend setting your trade amount to $25, the same amount that the website and other reviews recommend. We recommend the signal strength to be 85% and your risk level to 5 or lower. This will keep you from losing out on too much, but will also allow you to take enough risks to get good results.

With these settings, and $750 in our account, we ended up with 12 trades throughout the day, and of those, we won 10 different trades. That’s a little over 80% success, which is pretty respectable.

Over the course of these trades we ended up making about $150, which is a decent profit for one day with a small account. This is why we recommend the settings that we used.

While these settings will keep you safe, you can change the settings to better match your trading style. Each setting will obviously have a different effect, but we will explain them quickly.

The trade amount is obviously what you are trading, and what you will get a return on. At $25 you are somewhat limited, but you also won’t be losing a ton if you happen to hit a bad signal. Again, this is something that only seems to happen around 15% of the time, but it is still something to worry about. A higher amount for each trade will result in a higher return on good signals.

Your risk level is actually the number of trades that the program will execute before you need to log out and back in to re-set your information. 5 a very standard number and will generally be what you want to keep CodeFibo on at all times. If you want to make a big trade and only want to do it once or twice, you will need to adjust it down for that time period.

Finally, the signal strength is how much you trust the program to read signals correctly. Signals can be weak or strong, with higher numbers being strong. Having it set at 85% means you want the program to be 85% sure you will get a return before it attempts a trade. Going up will mean that you get fewer trades, as the markets will have to real a higher threshold. Going lower will mean that you get more trades, but it will also increase your risk.

You can leave the program going constantly, but you will usually want to check the economic calendar a few times a day in case something extremely volatile has happened. This will help protect you from market shifts, but the program will also protect you most of the time. You really only need this step if you plan to leave the program running all day.

You should restrict your activity to around 10 hours a day, syncing yourself with the opening of the overseas markets, or from 9am to 7pm GMT. This will ensure you have the highest volume available for trading, and will keep you from missing out on shifts in the market that are incredibly profitable.

During this time the CodeFibo app will show you all of the news for your chosen financial markets. This scrolls past very quickly, but you will still be able to click on links and see what is happening in the world. This lets you see where the program is getting market information, and can tell you when to change your investment or your signal strength.

If you find that the market is really taking off, you may want to up your investment or take your signal down to 70%. Doing this for an hour or so will bring in a lot more trades and a lot more return on your investment, but it will also carry a little more risk. Once you see that the news has against shifted, you can just move your settings back to what we have recommended.

Once you have a feel for the program, you can take your base amount for each trade up a bit. Only invest what you feel comfortable with, remembering that you could be doing 10 or more trades a day. This will of course be limited by the amount in your brokerage account, but you should also keep track of your own comfort.

You can literally turn the program on and off with the press of a button, so if you feel more comfortable monitoring it, you are always in control. Try and be precise with the time that you turn it on and off every day, taking advantage of the opening and closing of the markets. This can be an incredibly profitable time, because any events that took place overnight or are predicated to take place will affect the pricing of currencies.

Your best resource is actually going to be the CodeFibo website. This is because Professor Matthew Lewis, the creator of CodeFibo, is constantly updating the site with more information. He posts information about future predictions, the effect that industries have had on currencies, and even on his own personal strategies. All of this information helps you trade smarter, and gives you greater insight into the actions of the program.

Finally, you can subscribe on the website to get more information when CodeFibo updates, ensuring that you never miss out on anything important. This won’t result in a large amount of spam, but you will get e-mails when important changes occur.

You can even take CodeFibo on the go with you, accessing it on any mobile device. It works with both Apple and Android, as well as some of the lesser known brands. While it looks a little bit different, it does run the same, giving you access to all of the options you know and love. This is a great way to keep an eye on your account if you have a meeting or are traveling.

Using the information we have compiled, you should be able to get around an 80% success rate with the program. The incredible automation makes it so you rarely need to change your options, but understanding when and how to change them will help you in the long run.

We will keep you updated on our experiences, but we have high hopes as many other reviewers have made hundreds and even thousands in the first few weeks.

Plan ahead and make sure that you have your brokerage account ready when you are registering. This will help the whole process go faster, but you will still need to wait at least 24 hours for verification. The verification process can take around 48 hours to finalize, so you will want to register a few days before you intend to start trading.

Make sure that your phone number and your country where you intend to trade match. This will help the verification process complete in the littlest time possible. If you have exceptional circumstances that make these two not match, you will want to contact your account representative and the representatives for CodeFibo to ensure that verification is successful.

Make sure that your phone number is one you can actively be reached at when you register. If you cannot be reached, it may take more time to verify your account.


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