Code Fibo Review – Is It A Scam Or Is It Worth Investing?

When it comes to different binary options trading systems, there are a lot that are scams, making ti hard to know where you should put your trust. This is why we went out of out way to test one of the newer systems – CodeFibo. Read along and find out how it measures up against the competition, and if you should be using it for your trading needs!

We will be rating the product in a series of 4 different categories, with each category getting 1 to 5 stars, at the end we will get it an overall rating out of 20. These categories are; history, ease of use, automation, and accessibility.


Prof-Matthew-LewisCodeFibo is a trading platform that was developed by Prof. Matthew Lewis, an economics professor who has worked at a number of different institutions. At each institution he found students who were struggling, despite doing well in his classes. With the help of these students as a testing group he went on to develop his own trading platform.

Because of his testing group, he had a number of very specific goals. These were access for the lower class, the ability to use the program on the go, and ease of use. Basically, he wanted to make a program so easy that even his students could use it with their busy schedules.

Because it was developed by an economics professor, we are going to give CodeFibo 5 stars out of 5 for history. We have a lot more trust in someone with a degree in economics than a guy who sits at home claiming he has found the next best thing.

Ease Of Use

Next we sat down with the tool to see if we could figure it out in under 10 minutes. Since it is aimed towards first time users, we wanted to simulate that experience accurately.

First we had to put in our e-mail and name, then activate our account before we could install. This took about 2 minutes total, not too bad for anything that requires activation. The information we needed to confirm and start was all on the screen, meaning anyone new to computing would be able to follow along as well. However, there was a “+1” slot for the phone number, with no explanation of what to put there.

Next we were guided to a page where we could deposit money and fill out our profile. This was the last step before we could begin trading, and took us about a minute to fill out. After 3 minutes we were ready to begin trading!

The CodeFibo trading page is rather straight forward, with the ability to choose an amount to trade, set an expiry, and choose to go lower or higher. Within another 2 minutes we were trading and seeing some quick gains. So within 5 minutes we were actually seeing how the platform worked and seeing how we could gain money.

With it taking 5 minutes to set-up and get started, this platform really exceeded our expectations. We didn’t have to click on any e-mail links, we weren’t flooded with spam, and we didn’t have to go through endless marketing. There was a quick tutorial offered, but it took only another minute to go through, maintaining the low time investment.

Overall this step gets a 4.9 out of 5 stars. We were pleasantly surprised with how quick it was to set up, and happy to see that a return on our investments was quick as well.


about-code-fiboWhen you first sign up you are asked for information to deposit funds, something that only takes a few minutes to set up. This information is then stored and takes most of the work out of everything else in the program. When you go to withdraw your earnings, they are sent to this account, and they can be received with the press of a button.

The platform itself works in a fully automated fashion. You only choose how much you are choosing and when it will expire. One press of a button later and you can walk away from your computer and come back to a return on your investments. It literally couldn’t get easier, and we were surprised. We found that you can repeat this process as many times as you want, without limits to your account, or you can set the expiry as far out as you want, something we really appreciated.

The number of trades per week is capped at 80, so you aren’t going to be trading every second of the day, but when trades do go, you are guaranteed a spot. The actual win ration is a little over 80% as well, meaning you get around 70 trades that win a week. This is a lot better than other options where you do more work and only get about 50% positive trades.

The most impressive thing about the program is how it takes crowd input and international financial analysis into account. Instead of the program failing after the markets shift, it shifts with the markets. This means you never have to change your personal preferences, keeping the CodeFibo in a completely automated state.

The program is actually based on the Fibonacci arbitrage and Golden Ratio, something that other programs have aimed for and failed in the past. These two strategies are used all over the financial world, but no-one has been able to perfectly automate them together, until now.

In terms of automation, we give the system 5 starts out of 5. Any other ranking wouldn’t make sense, after all, the program does all the work for us! While there is a more hands on option, we trust that the program is doing what is best for us, and our winning trades reflect this.


Overall, the program is easy to use on the web, but does that mean we can access it whenever we need to? In order to get our answer, we tested it on an android tablet and cell phone, and an iPad and iPhone. For each of these devices we wanted to access our account, check on trades, and see if the program was still hard at work.

Amazingly, the Android and Apple devices had the same results – it worked! The overall look was a little different on mobile, but any company who can’t optimize something for mobile shouldn’t be in business. The differences in display options actually made it easier to work on mobile.

At the end of our mobile test, it was easy to log out, clear our information, and ensure that no-one would be able to access it.

For Accessibility we give the program 5 stars out of 5. We can’t believe it actually works the same across all mobile platforms. With other binary options platforms we have run into a number of small issues.

Final Thoughts.

Code Fibo got 19.5 out of 20 stars from our team. We were surprised with the quality of the program, and with the returns on our investments. We have to state once and for all the it is perfectly legit.

That’s right! CodeFibo is NOT a scam. It is completely legit, and we 100% trust it!

After about a week we saw a little over 40% return on our investments, which was amazing considering we hadn’t invested that much.

We recommend that anyone interested in binary trading options consider this their first and best option.

The program is available all over the world, and has a full team available to answer any questions you may have.

CodeFibo Live  by Marili YouTube video here.

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5 thoughts on “Code Fibo Review – Is It A Scam Or Is It Worth Investing?”

  1. I am new to trading binary live in Romania and I opened an account with $ 250 per, I was redirected to the broker ctoption barely two weeks after I checked and approved account yesterday but we worked on codefibo with settings AUTOTRADE : trade volume $ 25 Above 90% and risk strenght 5 after eight hours codefibo not placed any transaction, why? please help me

  2. Hi

    This program got 90 days free trial. What will happen if i decided to stop using the program after the trial period? will be any penalty by provider?

  3. I joined Code Fibo and funded my broker. The broker I was giving I have used in the past and they were fine. The problem I am having is the software hasn’t done any trades. Their customer support has yet to answer any of my emails. I can’t say if it works or not but I can say you get no help from them if you are having problems.


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