An In-depth Exact Model Review

Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal have come out with a new product called the “exact model.” This new product is the easiest way to create high quality sales or e-mail copy without worrying about the wording or optimization. It’s a complete system that allows you to just fill in the blanks and get real, effective, and grammatically perfect copy that is ready for you to push out to clients at any time.

The first thing that is different about this project is the ability to fill in the blanks and make hundreds of different types of copy. This means you don’t have to copy and tweak the information that is presented, because you simply go through the process and generate your own unique copy.

The templates presented automatically fill out multiple parts of the copy as well, ensuring that everything in the copy meshes. If you have ever tried to make your own template, you know that making sure nothing contradicts itself, and ensuring that you keep the same wording throughout the entire project can be a nightmare. This also saves time, because you never have to enter a phrase, price, discount, or any other information more than once. And in the world of internet marketing, time is money.

The next really cool thing is that it actually saves each and every one of your projects. You don’t have to keep track of files on your computer or worry about making sure you can find a document right before an important promotion. Instead, you just click on the promotion you have created, and send it out as it is.

You can also edit these promotions as you go, tweaking the information that you have provided to get better conversions over time. One change in any field will make sure that the entire document is properly configured. This saves you from double and triple checking everything that you put together to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

If you start with any template and find that you don’t like the way it looks, you can simply save the project and then open a new template. If you link the two together, by simply selecting the name of the old project, it will pull all of the information that you had already submitted and put it into the new format. This means you won’t lose any time if you want to try out several styles to see what works best for you.

This option is also great if you want to send out different types of copy to different groups, keeping all of the information the same, but changing the language to make it much more effective. The effortless changes make it so you never have to worry about spending too much time on writing, and allow you to make as many different promotions as you want with the same information.

But the program doesn’t just work for e-mail, it also works for creating your own website. The same process is followed to create a web page, complete with all of he formatting. This means you can create a niche site within a few minutes, and launch projects faster than ever before. You can even link e-mails and websites together, ensuring that any information sent will back up your website and vice versa.

You don’t have to use the e-mail system just for marketing, you can also use it to welcome people to your site, and to offer members new benefits as well. It’s literally the easiest way to generate e-mails with all of the content you need, and have them ready for new clients at a moments notice.

Each of the templates are ones that have actually been used and proven by the team who created it as well. This means that you have their years of experience to back up your own ventures. They are also adding in new templates as they find success, meaning you get to cash in on their market research without having to do your own.

Right now the tool has over 200 templates for web, and 50 templates for e-mail, but they are working on putting in more e-mail templates at this time. They have also been working on new UI improvements to make life a little easier.

Overall, using the tool is extremely easy, and a few clicks are all it takes to start generating copy that I know works. The different categories make it clear what each template is used for, and the previews make it easy to choose between similar options.

The templates are divided into 12 different categories, with each of them covering a popular niche including Health, Social Media, personal Development, and 9 others. There are more categories coming soon and each and every category has a large number of templates. If you see your niche represented, you know that there are more than enough options to fully run your business with just a few clicks.

Overall, the price is extremely cheap for what the program offers. It’s a little under $300, and works out to around $1 for each template, and there are affiliate options available. This makes it an easy product to sell, and an easy product to use for your own benefit.

They are going to be releasing a full demo soon, but people who join during the first stages are much more likely to be successful with their goals. When the demo is released, all of the UI fixes will be completed, and the program will be ready to go completely live.

Just to recap, Exact Model is an amazing program from Jimmy Kim’s and Anik Singal that gives you access to hundreds of templates for $1 a template. ┬áThe software offers one of a kind customization for e-mail and web copy, and contains enough templates to fully run a successful niche business with proven results. Take Action Now and secure your copy at a discount price after the launch the product will be sold at $499


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