TecAdemics Review – Scam or Worth Investing?


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Should You Invest In TecAdemics?

Tecademics is known as the College of Internet Marketing. It is a unique innovation in the world of multi-level marketing that crosses the barriers between products, services, and training. On the outside, it is an MLM affiliate company. They offer three unique products and people who help make the sales get to take home a portion of the money.

Of course, the affiliate commission structure often leads to the embellishment of what a product or company can actually achieve. Finding honest reviews of the product can be difficult. The objective here is to supply a 100 percent honest review of Tecademics by looking at its creator, its product, its promises, its prices, and what it actually achieves. Features, benefits, pros, and cons will all be covered as well.

By the end of the review, you should have an in-depth understanding of Tecademics, how it works, how you can use it to make money, and whether you should bother doing so. First, let’s cover the basics of what Tecademics is and what sort of products or services they are offering.

What Exactly Is Tecademics?


Tecademics was once called the Internet Marketing College and for good reason. As mentioned, it is an affiliate marketing company, but the product they offer is an internet marketing education course. Several of them to be exact.

You probably wouldn’t want to go to a college where the professors know less than you. So the creator, Chris Record, put together a team of highly trained and successful entrepreneurs in the world of internet marketing.

Clients who want to imitate the success of Chris Record or others online pay to attend one of the educational programs and walk away with a valuable set of skills they can use to be successful online. It is a fairly straightforward program. Now let’s look at the individual products or courses offered by Tecademics.

The Product Tiers.


The Tecademics educational courses fall into three different tiers. Each tier has a different pricing plan and commission opportunity. There is the TEC tier, the IMPACT tier, and the Masters Tuition.

The TEC tier is the cheapest and most basic level of education. If you are curious about what Tecademics offers and what they are really capable of, then purchasing this tier is a great way to get your foot in the pool and test the waters for yourself. The TEC tier pricing is only $100 a month and is packed with lots of information that you’ll find useful.

TEC is also an abbreviation. It stands for “the Entrepreneur Club”. The goal of TEC training is to create entrepreneurs from a distance. It is an online-only learning opportunity that doesn’t require traveling to the actual campus site.

TEC is a great introductory course and can supply you with enough information to create a strong foundation for your internet marketing career. There are videos, forums, ebooks, and weekly lessons provided. If you really like what you learn from the TEC tier, then you would consider an upgrade to the IMPACT level, which is a bit more serious.

The IMPACT tier is a little more involved and a little more advanced. It still focuses on the skills required for building a foundation, but they are covered in a greater detail and with a larger amount of information.

Even marketers who want to use the most advanced tier, the Masters Tuition, are advised to take advantage of the IMPACT tier. After all, every successful career requires a strong foundation, which is what the IMPACT course offers.

The IMPACT course is called the “encyclopedia of internet marketing”. It’s not limited to just one or two niches of online marketing. It covers a vast array of topics. From there, you can pursue a more personalized course through the Masters Tuition tier. The price of the IMPACT course is a flat rate of $2,000.

Finally, there is the Masters Course. This is the most advanced course option offered by Tecademics. It is also how the company earned the name “College of Internet Marketing”. It closely mimics a college course program you would see at any standard university. Instead of majors, they offer “pathways”.

A pathway is basically an end goal for how you plan to make your money after finishing the course. This could be through blogging, creating a digital marketing company, website design, affiliate marketing. They offer pathways and classes on a long list of subjects. You choose the pathway that is right for you and then you attend live classes at the Arizona facility.

If you cannot attend the live classes because of travel restrictions, then you still have access to all of the classes as they are recorded. Taking the live classes is advised because it gives you a chance to meet the teacher in person and discuss any questions or concerns for your future. The Masters Tuition is a single flat rate of $10,000 and allows for 2 people to attend for the price of 1.

There are also occasional specials on prices. They sometimes bundle together a year of TEC membership with the IMPACT and Masters Tuition course for a reduced price. Otherwise, all three come to a total of $13,200.

What Promises Are Made?

A refreshing quality of this program is that they do not make any outlandish promises. As a matter of fact, the only promises they make is that students will have a chance to learn a lot of valuable information that they can use to create a lasting, successful career. This is absolutely true of the programs they offer.

Does that mean everyone who finishes the course will become a millionaire? Not at all. Some people won’t apply all that they have learned and it may still hold them back from reaching their full potential. Still, it is an opportunity available to everyone who is willing to pay attention and learn from the experts.

The Affiliate Side Of The Program.


Completing the courses and launching a successful career with internet marketing is one way in which people can make money via the Tecademics system. In the meantime, they may also benefit by taking advantage of the affiliate side of the program and the generous commission plans.

The affiliate system works in a tiered method as well. To climb the tiers you make more sales. The first tier is called the activation sale and it consists of a single sale. This can be a sale to a customer, an associate, or even a purchase that you make yourself. The 40 percent profit commission of this sale does not go to you, but to the affiliate who brought you into the program.

The next tier consists of two certification sales. You sell two of the products, whether TEC, IMPACT, or the Masters Tuition, and you keep 20 percent of the sale and 20 percent goes up to the affiliate who brought you into the program.

For example, if you sold a TEC membership, then you would make $20 a month in the certification tier. If you sold the Masters Tuition package, then you make $2,000, or you would make $400 for the sale of an IMPACT course. You make two sales in this tier to graduate to the third tier.

From there forward things are a bit different. You work in sets of five sales. Every time you make a sale you get 40 percent of the profit. On the fifth sale, the profit is split 20 percent to you and 20 percent upline. In the case of the Masters Tuition program, you would make $18,000 with five sales.

The upline sales might seem inconvenient at first, but it works greatly to your benefit after you have sold programs and attracted new affiliate marketers. Then their sales begin rolling up to you just as some of your sales portions rolled up to the person who sold to you. Many students later start working as an affiliate marketer with this program and with a strong internet marketing education to support their efforts.

In the example of five sales, if two or three of those sales become affiliate clients as well, they could each make you a total of $10,000 with their first 8 sales. Now this is not always going to happen. These numbers only come from selling the Masters Tuition. The lesser courses would bring in less money, but this is meant to show the earning potential.

The Final Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Tecademics is one of the few affiliate marketing systems is worth the time and effort not only to sell but also to buy for yourself. The educational courses offered will give you such a strong understanding of internet marketing that you will be able to sell the same affiliate product to plenty of eager, new students. In turn, many of those students will start to sell the product and increase your earnings.

Meanwhile, you use the education to launch your online business. The funds you make from the affiliate sales could be the capital you need to launch your business in the near future. Overall, the system is a really good.

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My Number #1 Recommendation for 2017

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  1. Cool, review. If i understood MOBE it’s better because they ve got a team that call our leads back to convert them by phone (sorry for my english i m French). I ve got a login (free access) with Tecademics. I tought about MOBE after following John Chow. Do you know if one of those company are going to do the same but dor the French speaker. I heard that Chris Record wanted to open office in Europe to touch all the market even France ?
    Thank for your review again -thumb up


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