Expert Secrets Review – Is Russell Brunson New Book Worth it?

You’ve been lied to.

Don’t take it personal — we all have. We have all been sold on the idea that you can do anything that you want and be anything that you want. OK, that part is true. We were all told that as children, but year by year, age by age, grade by grade, we eventually wake up to “reality”, until the moment of truth happens somewhere around 18 and 22.

The lie we were told is that as long as you get good grades, go to college and work hard, you open the door to wealth, abundance, fun and fulfillment for the rest of your life. While this is the case for some people who go this path, and while education is certainly critical for success, where the lie comes in is that you can’t do things that you actually enjoy in order to life a life of wealth and abundance. Because of this, once graduation rolls around, the vast majority of us get scared, clamp down and getting “realistic”. As a result, we cling to security and go down paths that don’t interest us and that don’t yield any substantial life change, aside from a new 9 to 5 to show up to that will require us to be a slave to our rent, mortgage, car note and responsibilities, as opposed to truly living life.

Well thankfully, Russell Brunson has the expert secrets that will allow you to do away with this lie and live your truth — while making plenty of money in the process.

Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson

Expert Secrets is a program that teaches people like you and me how to assess our interests, in order to become an authority on a subject, teach the masses and rake in the dough in the process.

Aren’t you read to live the life that you have always wanted to live? You know, the way that we were promised so long ago when our parents, teachers and mentors told us that we could do anything that we put our minds to?

Well, now you can. And if you follow Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets program, which is outlined in his upcoming book — you will.

OK, what exactly is this Expert Secrets book all about?

Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Book

This publication is every bit as much a roadmap as it is a book. It uses real-life examples and takes you on a journey through figuring out how you can take what is already inside of you and use it to create a mass movement that paints you as an authority who provides value in your niche. As a result, you will be able to take this following and touch the lives of many people in a way that gives to a full-time career in which people seek you out for advice, guidance and expertise.

This program is tried and true as referenced by the author himself. In fact, this book received a huge co-sign in the form of Robert Kiyosaki, the author of renowned book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, having written the foreword. Brunson’s book is a masterpiece in its own right, because it provides you with the actionable steps necessary to recognize that you are a wealth of ideas that are not only fun and entertaining, but serious assets toward your road to wealth and prosperity. Brunson comes in with the system that will help you realize your potential and take step-by-step action to creating the following that will change your life and grow your business from the ground up.

Who will truly capitalize off of this book?

Without hyperbole, it is safe to say that anyone with a desire to start a business will receive huge rewards from this book. Whether you are looking to become an entrepreneur of an online business or an off-line business, or whether you want to reap more rewards in your current enterprise, you will be able to do so and then some. The bottom line is that there are some core principles that play when it comes to carving out an audience and providing value to that audience. So whether you are a young and budding entrepreneur or a senior citizen looking to start a totally new life by making some money on the side, this book is for you.

What will I learn in this book?

In this book, you will be able to take a step by step approach toward building your business, as split into five different sections and 22 actionable expert secrets.

In the first section, you will learn what makes a charismatic leader and how you can lay the groundwork toward building your movement. In the second section, you will learn all about the belief needed to build trust and your customers and in yourself, so that you are able to truly become an expert and helm the ship. The third section speaks all about how you can reach your customers on a moral obligation level, in order to open the channels of communication and create substantial dialogue.

After you have laid the groundwork in the first three sections, the fourth section will teach you all about the finals that will allow you to rake in income hand over fist. In the fifth section, you will be given the information that will help you maximize on each and every funnel that you have created.

How did the Expert Secrets philosophy and program come to be?

Short on cash and answers, Brunson and his friend were hanging out one day and got the wild idea to create a potato gun. They had no idea how to build it, but quickly found instructions and were well on their way. In the process of making it, they decided to document each and every step, explaining it be a video and putting it out to the web. This process shaped the system that will go on to become Expert Secrets and this system has been continuously refined ever since.

What are some major takeaways from this book?

In this book, you will learn what truly goes on in people’s minds when they look to someone for advice and expertise. By understanding this, you will be able to make yourself the leader that you need to be in a meaningful way, as opposed to simply playing a role. There is nothing cosmetic about this book you will truly become the leader that you need to be in order to not only create a mass movement, but to be a good steward of it and to provide endless value to your customers.

What are people saying about Expert Secrets?

Bottom line, people who have read and use this system can’t stop talking about how impressive it is. The most un-savvy business person is able to create a lucrative enterprise by using the strategies in this book. The reason it is so useful is because it teaches you to resonate with customers on a person level, as opposed to employing unethical get-rich-quick schemes.

How much does Expert Secrets cost?

This book will eventually end up on sites like Amazon for a price of about $19.95. However, the author is currently giving it away for free, so that you only have to pay for shipping costs of $7.95.

What should I know about the author, Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson Office

He is an expert author who rose to prominence with his publication Dotcom Secrets, in addition to software platforms that help people build sales funnels.

Is there anything else that I should know?

If you’re ready to truly take action, be on the lookout for this book!

Now that you have gotten a clear indication of what the Expert Secrets book is all about, the only thing left to do is pick up a copy of your own. Make sure that your 2017 and beyond are different by taking the time to not only purchase this book, but to also follow the program to a T and give yourself the opportunity to make substantial life changes that matter. If you ever thought about owning and operating a business, but never knew where to turn, this book is the shot in the arm that you need to get started. Russell Brunson is an expert at what he does and has gone through the fire, trial and error, so that you can learn from his mistakes and build on his strengths.

Most importantly, he lays it all out for you in this book, so that you can take inventory of the things you enjoy the most, so that you can pinpoint your areas of expertise and figure out exactly what you have to do to build a cult following that will look to you as an expert and an authority. From here, you are well on your way to turning this knowledge into a career and a calling, living a life that is fulfilling, rewarding and lucrative, all in one.

Sound like a plan? Good. Well now’s the time to take action. Consider all of the points in this review and pick up your copy of Expert Secrets today.


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