Michael Lexington Code Software Review – Scam Or Real Deal?

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I’ve been testing this software for weeks, read my review to find out if you should invest in this opportunity.
The average trader will struggle to make things work without software in hand.

It’s been proven again and again. Too many traders lose a substantial amount of money because they’re unable to grasp binary options. It’s essential to start with a robust solution in place and then step forward.

There are many binary options software scams in this market and if you haven’t seen our Scam List I recommend that you have a look, also there are a few scam reviews about  Michael Lexington but this are the competitors that use the negative marketing technique to promote their products.

Anyways, here is a look at what is Lexington Code and how good it is as a software option in this day and age. Is Lexington Code legit? Is Lexington Code a scam? Is Michael Lexington A Scammer?

All of your answers will be found in this review.


  • Trade Binary Options Automatically
  • Provides Robust Trade Signals 24/7
  • Simple Interface For Easy Trades
  • Earn Thousands Of Dollars Per Day
  • Free To Download And Use
  • Web-Based For Easy Access
  • Created By Guru Michael Lexington
  • 2 Month Money Back Guarantee

Who Is Michael Lexington?

Let’s start with the creator of “Lexington Code” to see who the mastermind is behind this software. Michael Lexington is a renowned name in the world of binary options and continues to showcase his illustrious background through this software.

He is the CEO of Lexington Code Software and has earned millions of dollars using his algorithm.

With a desire to help others, he’s released this algorithm to help those who need to take a step forward. Does it justify using it? Here is a look at the pros and cons.

Easy To Use

When the decision is made to use this software, a user will be prompted with a submission form. Once this is filled out, a link is provided to the software for easy access. Use this web-based software and know it will provide real value.

The benefit of this software is seen with the beautiful layout.

It is easy to read and understand even for those who are new to the world of binary options. It can be overwhelming to start trading, but Lexington Code does an immaculate job because of its unique interface. The layout is not only easy on the eyes but a pleasure to use. It is created to remain lag-free and is a delight once you put it into high gear for the first time.

They have worked hard on making sure the interface is airtight and a pleasure to use. It does stand out in the long-term and is one of the best interfaces in the business right now.

Proven Results

What makes this software special? Lexington Code is great because it has proven results and they have spent years collecting data. This is essential because there are far too many scams out there who have ruined the industry.

The reason this continues to thrive is the amount of testimonials it has behind it. There aren’t too many who can illustrate such a robust foundation of positive results.

Countless people are now earning six figures from the software, while there are others who are now millionaires. These are real results and begin to illustrate the prowess of the software and what it brings to the table.

With the proven results, it’s easier to understand why this is a well-regarded binary options trading software. The results start coming in right away, and that brings a smile to anyone’s face. Michael Lexington and his team have done a good job of working on providing results and it shows.


Another benefit of Lexington Code is seen from its price tag. A user doesn’t have to pay a cent to move forward with the software.

This lets you give it a shot.

Yes, you are required to invest $250 with the online broker to get started, but this is seen with most binary options trading software solutions. Put the money in the account, and you will be able to earn it back rapidly.

This is what makes it a useful solution and one that most people are pushing towards as new traders. It is free and web-based making it a fantastic package. Sign up and off you go. This is why many traders are now putting Lexington Code at the top of their list.


When you sign up and access the software, you’re going to realize it is a fantastic algorithm. It is automated from top to bottom, so you don’t have to move a finger after things are setup. Put in the funds, and you will be off to the races.

This is amazing considering the work needed with other solutions especially when you try to do it on your own.

There is no reason to enter an industry such as this without an automated solution. This software is impressive because of its features and being automated is hard to ignore. Michael Lexington and his team have spent countless hours working on perfecting the software, and it shows.

What more can a person want?

Excellent Customer Service

What about their customer service? Lexington Code has a good team behind it, and they’re responsive. You can ask questions around the clock and know they’re going to respond as soon as possible. They are courteous and on top of their game.

Plus, they are fantastic with regular updates to the software.

You won’t feel like things are lagging at any point and that’s a major plus point, to say the least. Their customer service is right up there with the best, and they have hired some of the finest representatives to help out.

Michael Lexington has shown his ability as a business person by managing a good team.

Perfect For Beginners

The one worry people have is starting off in the industry. It’s not easy to make trades, and people get scared.

You don’t have to fear as long as you are using this software. They have made it ideal for beginners. The interface is easy to use, and you will be able to set trades up in seconds. Yes, many people have been up and ready in less than 30 seconds.

This is as good as it gets when it comes to binary options trading in this day and age.

Updated Trade Signals Everyday

What about trade signals coming in? An algorithm is only as good as the signals it provides. With Lexington Code, you will be getting a robust solution which is on top of things with trade signals. They’re accurate and timely.

You will never be made to wait for them, and that is a positive.

You will enjoy having this on your side in the long-term.

Results Will Vary

If there is a con one can list about Lexington Code trading software, it would involve the results. You are not going to get “cookie-cutter” results if that’s what you’re expecting from the software. You will get results based on what the trade signals do for you.

Yes, it is automated, and you will see results, but some will take a few days while others will get them in minutes.

As long as you are patient, you will see fantastic value from Lexington Code.

Lexington Code Verdict

Should you be going out and signing up for Lexington Code? Yes, you absolutely should.

It is the real deal and one of the best software solutions on the market right now. You are going to need this as a beginner to make sure the right results are coming in. Until you do this, you will struggle, and it won’t be a pleasant sight.

Put this to the test, and you are going to be blown away. It is a top-rated software and deserves the praise it receives on a regular basis.

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Is WikiTrader a Scam? Find out Now!!

If you spend as much time on the internet as I do, then you’ve probably already heard of the Kelly Wallace WikiTrader software. There also happens to be some negative information circling this particular product. A lot of people are quick to label it the WikiTrader scam, but this got me wondering. Why were so many people attacking this formula?

Normally, when I encounter a scam product, I’ll read about a 50/50 mix of positive and negative reviews. It’s because people read the negative reviews, they don’t try the product, and so there aren’t an abundance of such reviews. The other fifty percent of positive reviews are just marketing hype.

This product, however, had an overwhelming amount of negativity. And this made me curious. Who was trying to stop people from buying this product? Or is it truly that terrible. I decided to take the time to uncover the secrets of the Kelly Wallace WikiTrader  system and what I learned might surprise you:

WikiTrader Is Not A Scam.

It seemed that the majority of the negative reviews were stemming from one of two groups. The first group I’ll label “the competition”. These are people who are promoting competing binary options trading systems or websites that are affiliated with such systems.

They clearly don’t want people using the WikiTrader software because once they did, those people would never return to their systems. The people would make money, but the competition would lose money. And that’s bad news for the competition.

This is a fairly competitive market, so these types of reviews don’t surprise me at all. It’s the sheer volume that actually impressed me. This told me one thing: that competitors feared the Jarvis Formula.

The second group of people I’ll label “misled”. These are the people who start using such products with unreal expectations. Usually be they read misleading information. Sometimes that information can come from the very people affiliated with the product. This is an unfortunate incident that happens all too often in the world of binary options and it’s not entirely their fault.

For example, does this system have the potential to create millionaires? Absolutely. Many people take that notion and run with it. They invest the bare minimum amount and then six months later they aren’t millionaires. They get mad and then leave negative reviews. This happens because they don’t have an accurate understanding of how capital and binary options trading work.

Binary options are actually so simple that it somehow becomes complex. The basics are very easy to grasp, so many newcomers rush off to start trading without stopping to understand the fundamentals of how it works, what makes a trade a success, and how to build a consistent profit.

With these two groups out of the way, I could not find a single WikiTrader Software review that was negative. The people who used this product with real expectations were truly successful and had many great things to say.

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Is WikiTrader legit”, let’s look more closely at the fundamentals of binary options trading, what the formula is, who created it, and how you can use it to meet your financial goals.

A Crash Course In Binary Options.

Having an understanding of binary options makes it easier to understand how these systems work and what they can realistically do for you. The confines of this article won’t be enough to offer an extensive course, but we can at least cover the basics.

Binary options simply mean that you have two options. One option is called a “put” and one option is called a “call”. These options relate to the value of a particular asset. You never trade the actual asset, but rather you trade contracts that contain your option and a few other details.

A “call” option means you think the value of the asset will increase before the expiry time. A “put” option means the opposite, that you think the value of the asset will decrease before the expiry time. If you chose the correct option, then you make a profit from the asset. You can profit whether the asset increases or decreases in value as long as you chose the right option. This is where binary options differ greatly from other financial markets.

When you choose correctly, you get all of the money you invested back as well as an additional percentage, which is usually around 70 percent. Binary options have very low minimum trade requirements. This where people tend to make mistakes in judgment. If you’re only trading with the bare minimum of five dollars, then you aren’t going to become a millionaire any time soon.

As for the asset itself, it can be a variety of different things. Various commodities, stocks, and currency pairs can be used as the base asset. Remember, you are never actually buying or selling the asset itself. Only a contract that contains your option, an expiry time, and some other details.

How The WikiTrader Formula Helps.

Binary options are extremely simple compared to other financial trading markets. This makes it easier for financial experts to team up with programming experts so that they can create software to trade for them. That is exactly what the WikiTrader software does. It uses a complex algorithm that is the joint work of Kelly Wallace and her team of extremely capable programmers.

Now, even when a financial market is as simple as binary options, it doesn’t mean that making a program to successfully trade will be simple. It took them years upon years to refine a product that was even relatively successful.

Several years in, during their first batch of testing, they were making successful trades about 80 percent of the time using this system. That’s already pretty impressive, but they wanted more. Keep in mind, the average trader doesn’t have this sort of success rate. Even really good traders rarely have an 80 percent success rate. Still, Kelly Wallace and the team wanted more before they tried releasing it to the public.

So the team returned to the drawing board and started making changes. They continued to test and refine the product for multiple years after this. It was about three years later that they reached a point where they were winning trades over 90 percent of the time. This was a huge milestone so they decided it was time to invite some beta testers.

The Formula Goes Live.

The first round of beta testers included fifty individuals. None of these individuals were in the “competition” or “misled” groups and everyone one of them saw their wealth increase over the course of the testing. After all, the program was trading on autopilot, with very little input, and was successful almost all of the time. These people were making hundreds of dollars a day without lifting a finger. That’s the kind of life that so many of us only dream about.

After a brief period of beta testing, it was obvious that the formula was a complete success. Even so, the team refined it a bit more and worked to increase the success rate even higher. After reaching an average above 95 percent they are finally ready to release the product to the masses. Not to a limited testing group, but to everyone who is interested.

That, of course, is where I come in. After sorting through the negativity, the attacks at the company, and the reviews of misled customers, I think I’ve found a binary options trading platform that’s actually worth my time.