Is WikiTrader a Scam? Find out Now!!

If you spend as much time on the internet as I do, then you’ve probably already heard of the Kelly Wallace WikiTrader software. There also happens to be some negative information circling this particular product. A lot of people are quick to label it the WikiTrader scam, but this got me wondering. Why were so many people attacking this formula?

Normally, when I encounter a scam product, I’ll read about a 50/50 mix of positive and negative reviews. It’s because people read the negative reviews, they don’t try the product, and so there aren’t an abundance of such reviews. The other fifty percent of positive reviews are just marketing hype.

This product, however, had an overwhelming amount of negativity. And this made me curious. Who was trying to stop people from buying this product? Or is it truly that terrible. I decided to take the time to uncover the secrets of the Kelly Wallace WikiTrader  system and what I learned might surprise you:

WikiTrader Is Not A Scam.

It seemed that the majority of the negative reviews were stemming from one of two groups. The first group I’ll label “the competition”. These are people who are promoting competing binary options trading systems or websites that are affiliated with such systems.

They clearly don’t want people using the WikiTrader software because once they did, those people would never return to their systems. The people would make money, but the competition would lose money. And that’s bad news for the competition.

This is a fairly competitive market, so these types of reviews don’t surprise me at all. It’s the sheer volume that actually impressed me. This told me one thing: that competitors feared the Jarvis Formula.

The second group of people I’ll label “misled”. These are the people who start using such products with unreal expectations. Usually be they read misleading information. Sometimes that information can come from the very people affiliated with the product. This is an unfortunate incident that happens all too often in the world of binary options and it’s not entirely their fault.

For example, does this system have the potential to create millionaires? Absolutely. Many people take that notion and run with it. They invest the bare minimum amount and then six months later they aren’t millionaires. They get mad and then leave negative reviews. This happens because they don’t have an accurate understanding of how capital and binary options trading work.

Binary options are actually so simple that it somehow becomes complex. The basics are very easy to grasp, so many newcomers rush off to start trading without stopping to understand the fundamentals of how it works, what makes a trade a success, and how to build a consistent profit.

With these two groups out of the way, I could not find a single WikiTrader Software review that was negative. The people who used this product with real expectations were truly successful and had many great things to say.

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Is WikiTrader legit”, let’s look more closely at the fundamentals of binary options trading, what the formula is, who created it, and how you can use it to meet your financial goals.

A Crash Course In Binary Options.

Having an understanding of binary options makes it easier to understand how these systems work and what they can realistically do for you. The confines of this article won’t be enough to offer an extensive course, but we can at least cover the basics.

Binary options simply mean that you have two options. One option is called a “put” and one option is called a “call”. These options relate to the value of a particular asset. You never trade the actual asset, but rather you trade contracts that contain your option and a few other details.

A “call” option means you think the value of the asset will increase before the expiry time. A “put” option means the opposite, that you think the value of the asset will decrease before the expiry time. If you chose the correct option, then you make a profit from the asset. You can profit whether the asset increases or decreases in value as long as you chose the right option. This is where binary options differ greatly from other financial markets.

When you choose correctly, you get all of the money you invested back as well as an additional percentage, which is usually around 70 percent. Binary options have very low minimum trade requirements. This where people tend to make mistakes in judgment. If you’re only trading with the bare minimum of five dollars, then you aren’t going to become a millionaire any time soon.

As for the asset itself, it can be a variety of different things. Various commodities, stocks, and currency pairs can be used as the base asset. Remember, you are never actually buying or selling the asset itself. Only a contract that contains your option, an expiry time, and some other details.

How The WikiTrader Formula Helps.

Binary options are extremely simple compared to other financial trading markets. This makes it easier for financial experts to team up with programming experts so that they can create software to trade for them. That is exactly what the WikiTrader software does. It uses a complex algorithm that is the joint work of Kelly Wallace and her team of extremely capable programmers.

Now, even when a financial market is as simple as binary options, it doesn’t mean that making a program to successfully trade will be simple. It took them years upon years to refine a product that was even relatively successful.

Several years in, during their first batch of testing, they were making successful trades about 80 percent of the time using this system. That’s already pretty impressive, but they wanted more. Keep in mind, the average trader doesn’t have this sort of success rate. Even really good traders rarely have an 80 percent success rate. Still, Kelly Wallace and the team wanted more before they tried releasing it to the public.

So the team returned to the drawing board and started making changes. They continued to test and refine the product for multiple years after this. It was about three years later that they reached a point where they were winning trades over 90 percent of the time. This was a huge milestone so they decided it was time to invite some beta testers.

The Formula Goes Live.

The first round of beta testers included fifty individuals. None of these individuals were in the “competition” or “misled” groups and everyone one of them saw their wealth increase over the course of the testing. After all, the program was trading on autopilot, with very little input, and was successful almost all of the time. These people were making hundreds of dollars a day without lifting a finger. That’s the kind of life that so many of us only dream about.

After a brief period of beta testing, it was obvious that the formula was a complete success. Even so, the team refined it a bit more and worked to increase the success rate even higher. After reaching an average above 95 percent they are finally ready to release the product to the masses. Not to a limited testing group, but to everyone who is interested.

That, of course, is where I come in. After sorting through the negativity, the attacks at the company, and the reviews of misled customers, I think I’ve found a binary options trading platform that’s actually worth my time.


Kelly Wallace WikiTrader Review – Is it worth it or Another Scam?!


The binary options industry is full of scams and it can take you a long time to discover a resource that will produce the results that you seek. Thankfully, your search ends today once you learn about WikiTrader.

If you would like to earn money online fast with little effort, knowledge, or experience in binary options then trading in binary options on autopilot is your best bet. Unfortunately, not all binary options autotrading products out there are honest about possible results and profits.

You have probably searched hard for quality binary options trading software that works on autopilot but each time you get excited you end up disappointed. You have probably fallen for scams numerous times but all that ends today. By the time you finish reading this article you can be sure of getting real results with WikiTrader.

WikiTrader Website


When you visit the WikiTrader website, the first thing to catch your attention will probably be the totally different feel to it. Unlike the binary options scam websites, you won’t find any Fiverr actors or any pressure tactics. What you will receive is just real promises and straightforward information.

WikiTrader Software

WikiTrader is the latest binary options autotrading software designed to help traders such as yourself generate winning signals at an exceptional rate. Kelly Wallace is the CEO of WikiTrader and she has created the software using her amazing Market Analysis skills. Kelly created the software with beginner traders looking for a genuine system of making money in mind. WikiTrader has spawned many successes but what makes it tick? Read on to find out!


WikiTrader binary options trading software is completely free. However, as with other trading software you must invest at least $250 with your selected secure broker to start trading. This money is obviously yours and it is only needed for you to start trading. It is a completely web based software meaning that it is accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Is Kelly Wallace To Be Trusted?


Kelly Wallace is a well-known name behind a very successful venture capital firm that is into all sorts of things including the hyper loop, space exploration among other things. She is already a very wealthy woman and is simply looking to help less wealthy people to become financially free unlike the scammers.

Kelly came up with the idea for WikiTrader to help traders of all levels generate excellent profits. You will find numerous articles about Kelly in various financial magazines. She developed the software using a proven algorithm of market sentiments. The algorithm was previously used by huge investment firms to generate amazing winning signals and profits.

Kelly is already wealthy and thus does not need to rely on scams to make money. You can trust Kelly to make you financially independent using her revolutionary WikiTrader software.

Incredible 88% Winning Rate Is Now Attainable!

WikiTrader is the only authentic binary options software to deliver an average winning rate of 88%. You are probably wondering why the promised winning rate is this low considering that most binary options trading software promises winning rates of up to 100%.

The reality is that anybody or any software that promises a 100% win rate is a scam. Those scams use such fake claims to lure in traders into their trap. The software is still in its beta testing phase but users are already reporting weekly profits of between $1,000 and $5,000, which is amazing.

Supports Both Auto & Manual Trading

wikitrader-softwareWikiTrader supports Manual Trading and Auto Trading. Using the software, it is easy to switch from Auto Trading to Manual Trading and vice versa.

If you are already an experienced trader, manual trading will undoubtedly be the ideal option since it achieves a slightly better win rate by manual filtering of the signals.

If you are a beginner trader and still don’t know much about trading binary options, you should stick to Auto Trading because the software will automatically place trades on the basis of your recommended settings (Minimum Trade Amount, Risk Level, etc.).

User-Friendly Interface

The app features a highly user-friendly interface. WikiTrader is a cloud-based software that runs on any device that has a working Internet connection. Traders of all levels can use the auto trading option because all that you should do is enable it.

Once the auto trading feature is enabled, the software takes care of the trading. You will also never have to keep checking the trades that WT places in your broker’s trading platform because that are directly visible in your WT dashboard. In general, WikiTrader is quite easy to use and anybody can use it without experiencing problems.

Is It A Scam?

There are no indication of WikiTrader being a scam. It is a genuine opportunity to make money online and you can rest assured about that. People that have actually tried WikiTrader for a couple of weeks have reported earning great profits with it. All promises and claims that Kelly Wallace makes have been shown to reflect the truth. Kelly does not make any unrealistic and exaggerated claims like many of the scam binary options trading software vendors do. Kelly is also a well-known and wealthy individual and would never risk her reputation by promoting a scam software.

Income Potential


If you are just starting out, you obviously don’t expect to start earning thousands of dollars per day. However, once you become more familiar and confident with the software you can start increasing the minimum trade amount and risk level and start achieving those figures. WikiTrader has never and will never be a get rich quick scheme for making you a millionaire overnight.

Success Stories


WikiTrader has spawned many success stories as previously stated. On the website, you will find testimonials from actual users who have enjoyed massive success using the software. The testimonials feature WT users from different parts of the world who are making tens of thousands of dollars each month using the software. One thing you will find common in all the testimonials is that they took action and decided to try out the software and are now enjoying the rewards.


WikiTrader software is completely free to use but you need to fund your account with your broker with at least $250. This money belongs to you and it is what you need to start trading.

How To Join

  1. If you would like to enjoy the rewards that this app brings, you should simply follow these simple steps:
  2. Visit, which is the official website of the WikiTrader software
  3. In the form provided at the right side of the web page enter your email address then click on “Start Making Money Now”
  4. To complete the registration process, enter your Phone Number, Name, and Password
  5. WikiTrader will now assign you a suitable, reputable binary options trading broker based on your geographical location
  6. All you have to do is simply fund your trading account with at least $250
  7. Start trading and generating amazing profits using Kelly’s app.

Final Thoughts/ Recommendation

It is quite clear that WikiTrader is an undoubtedly authentic binary options trading software that can help traders make money. WikiTrader is poised to become a revolutionary software for this year and beyond. With an 88% Average ITM Rate, WikiTrader is an exceptional binary options trading software. You can easily make the stated profits or even more within just one week using the signals WT app generates.

WikiTrader promises to be the go to binary options trading software for today and beyond and it is highly recommended. Please remember that you can never be financially free without taking action. So, take action today by signing up for WikiTrader Today!