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Binary trading is a fascinating market to enter, but one that is rife with trouble.

There are a lot of software options not up to par and looking to squeeze every dollar out of hard-working traders. It is best to stay alert.

The topic of this review is going to work around the “Dubai Lifestyle App” and what this product brings to the table.

This review is going to assess how good the app is along with the value it has to offer those who are going to be using it in the long-term.

Key Features

  • Created By Scott Hathaway
  • Promises To Deliver Immediate Results
  • Automated Trading Using Secret Algorithm
  • Earn Over $77,000 Per Month
  • Money-Back Promise Of 60 Days
  • Free To Download

Random “Founder”

Let’s start with the founder as that is always a good place, to begin with, a review.


The founder goes by the name of Scott Hathaway and is a person who claims to be an expert in binary options. This sounds good for those who are new to the world of binary options and want to deal with someone who knows what they are doing. Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends for you.

There is no founder.

Scott Hathaway is not a real person. There is no visible way of knowing who he is. This is a randomized character that has been drawn up to appeal to those who are reading the ads.

Takes Time To Set Up

Let’s imagine you can look past this issue. You don’t care if the founder is fake. Well, you are going to go ahead and set up the account. This is when you are going to start losing patience. The process is annoying and takes far too long before they start asking for money.

They will start asking for $250.

This is when you know things are not going to get better at all, and you are looking at a scam.

Meaningless Software

The software is a scam. It is as simple as that for those who get a peek at it for even a few minutes. You are going to be left befuddled at what is being put in front of you. This software looks okay, but it doesn’t do anything. The algorithm is nothing but meaningless coding that wastes time.

You are not going to be making any real-life trades with this “automated” software.

Instead, you are going to be looking at a screen with lots of numbers and nothing happening. You will feel this in the first five minutes in fact.

No Customer Service

There is no customer service. Yes, there is absolutely nothing on offer by this team (if there is one!). It is a disaster because you are going to have a million questions and no one will be there to answer them. The software doesn’t work, and that is why they won’t have much to reply with.

What are they going to tell you?

They are not going to tell you the software is a scam. So, the customer service you are going to get will be minimal at best. You will be left beating your head against the wall.

False “Money-Back” Claims

What about the money-back guarantee they are giving everyone who signs up? Well, you are in for a surprise. You are not getting any money back once it has been sent to the broker they have set up. The reason they can do this is because they won’t respond.

There is no way of contacting them unless you are willing to be haggled for even more money.

They are going to make it seem like trades are going on, when they are just looking to scam some more. It is a disaster for anyone that gets caught.

Requires Immediate Investment

So, how does this start to dive into the world of scams? It begins with the clear-cut approach all scammers tend to use, and that is asking for an initial investment. They got you through the door with a free download, but how are they going to extract money from you?

They are going to ask for an immediate investment.

This is their way to make sure you are investing into what they have to offer. The set fee is going to be sent to their “broker” which in general means their bank account. Do not send money.

Impossible To Use

The misery continues for those who venture down this path. The software is present, but it is impossible to use. Those who want quality might as well run away right now. It is impossible to use because the software is a rehashing of what has been released in the past.

This software has no purpose besides taking up valuable space on your computer.

Make sure to stay away because it is not worth fiddling around with.

No Wins In Sight For Traders

Some might think the software is going to provide them with a win here or there. Well, you are in for a rude shock as well. The software is nothing but a front in essence. Nothing is going on. It is a waste of your time to even take a look at what is on the other side.

There is no method to win any trade because nothing is going on.

Yes, it is that much of a scam! It is blatant robbery.

Concluding Opinion

Dubai Lifestyle App is a ridiculous joke being played on the innocent. It should be ignored at all costs because it has minimal value to provide. It is a waste of time for those who want to earn money and get involved with binary trading as soon as possible.

Do not let things drag to a point where you are wasting time on this.

It is useless and a complete scam.


There is no money to be made here. They are looking for quick deposit and will then run away as fast as they can.

Stay away!


Have you been scammed my Dubai Lifestyle App?  Leave comments below, share your experience and  help the community  to make informed decisions.

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  1. Someone from Egypt approached me to make some calls and sell this app, thanks for this review, helped me to understand the job properly before making any commitment.


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