Who is Andrew Fox?

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Andrew Fox is a UK-native mostly renowned for his work as an app developer and affiliate marketer. Throughout his career, he has developed several software products that have enabled people to leverage better on their online marketing capabilities. He believes in app builder as the future of business, since the trend is quickly gaining relevance around the world. Some of his most popular software inventions include:-

I) Zapable

Zapable is an easy to use point-and-click software that allows you to create a mobile app from scratch to your own specifications. It contains features that are suitable for a wide range of businesses and niche markets, most of which require unique app designs to cater for their exact target market.

One of the main advantages of using this software builder from Fox is that it has a custom design module, which allows you to fashion the layout/outline of your apps. For instance, you can choose to install display videos, articles or icons on the front part of your website depending on the kind of product you are marketing. Alternatively, you can also display common functions such as the products, categories or services which you’re offering.

Zapable’s modern widget system makes the process of designing your app an issue of just dragging slides, and personally determining how you’d like your website to look. Other exciting features of this app developed by Andrew are:-

a) Ability to create a directory for various industries such as tourism and real estate among others. You can install a listings page, location finder and social interaction portal on your website. Furthermore, your location finder may be customized to include multiple sites, whereby visitors can find listings based on your proximity.

b) Multiple e-Commerce applications that can be added to your website. Andrew’s Zapable gives you access to various shopping features such as iTunes, Shopify, Amazon and Custom Catalog that can directly be added onto your website.

II) WP Scope

WP Scope is another of Fox’s turnkey inventions, it’s a WordPress Plugin that uses Periscope video streaming app to publish trending film content while at the same time generating leads and sales for marketers. Andrew created this app to help promoters tap into their focus market group, and increase traffic by making use of opportunities that other competitors are most likely unaware of.

With WP Scope, you’ll be able to get a constant flow of social media traffic coming from Periscope, which is a popular video marketing tool owned by Twitter. Andrew’s WP Scope presents you with an opportunity to automate the procedure of earning high profits, leveraging on the most popular video content on the internet. In fact, WP Scope is the first software to exclusively use Periscope for building a revolutionary pre-programmed video profits system. Some of the app’s main features include:-

  • Unlimited amount of videos only available on your website
  • The process is entirely automated
  • Compatible with every market niche
  • Free lifetime support and updates from WP Scope
  • Single-click updates

Step-by-step setup instructions that also come complete with tutorial videos

In short, WP Scope plugin from software-developer Fox gives you three approaches to generating profits online, which are video, viral traffic and automated content creation.

Personal beliefs:

For those who are entering into the tech-world, Andrew is a strong believer of networking and encourages them to find mentors and peers who can help them succeed in their career journey. One of his greatest influencers is Com Mirza, a software guru that he met through another friend Dave Mizrachi who invited him to a tech event where Com was the guest speaker.

After the forum, Andrew ended up connecting with Com Mirza through his Facebook page and the two developed a good vibe together, with Com later complementing him by saying he saw great potential in Fox to do great things in his career. Additionally, Com invited Andrew over to Dubai for his preliminary Billion Dollar Mastermind conference, where they went ahead to form a great friendship.

Ever since, Com Mirza has invested a lot of resources into Andrew’s projects and vice versa, plus he’s also been a valuable mentor to him. Therefore, whether it’s online or offline, Andrew advises techpreneurs to attend conferences and events where other likeminded people are present in order to expand their networks and find new opportunities.

Furthermore, Fox encourages software developers to start out with prototypes before launching the main product, so as to determine the market response and plan accordingly based on how it’s been received. In his words, a product doesn’t have to be fully perfect and refined in order to work. Usually, the market will let you know if it’s popular or not based on the response it gets for consumers.

Moreover, by launching a prototype first you’ll prevent yourself from coming up with an outdated product that doesn’t serve the interest of potential users. It’s a common mistake nowadays, whereby people launch software products without involving the consumers and then try to figure out later how to sell these same apps to them.

Therefore, instead of having one big business plan and putting all your venture capital and resources in it, Andrew recommends that you can use some of your existing assets to create a prototype software and start pre-selling early enough without putting yourself in too much risk.


Aside from his career, Andrew has an affection for luxury cars and even describes himself as ‘a petrol-head through and through.’ He’s owned some amazing vehicles including Ferraris, Porsche and McLaren but also says that his favorite sportscar currently is the Porsche GT3. He says it’s a great driver’s car and emits some pretty good noise as well.

Furthermore, Andrew hinted that he may soon launch mastermind car events that should be exciting, and attract other petrolheads just like him in large numbers.

Andrew believes that a luxury car should be for your enjoyment first before anything, especially for collectors who may sometimes horde their expensive cars in the garage for long without driving.

In conclusion, to answer the question Who is Andrew Fox? He’s a renowned app developer and affiliate marketing expert who has developed several popular products for online promoters. Andrew is currently planning to launch a new marketing app known as Mobile Agency Apps on November 6th, you can read my review here. Moreover, in his free time he’s also an avid car enthusiast.

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