James Torn’s AlgoMaster System Review – Scam?


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  • Verdict: 100% Scam Stay Away.
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When you enter binary options, it’s important to keep your eyes and ears open.

The market is robust and flying high, but it’s also filled with scammers who are hoping to make a quick buck. A naive beginner will look at some of the claims tossed around and assume they’re legitimate. It’s unfortunate some of these software options have ruined the credibility of binary options.

A legitimate market is being tarnished, and this review will take a look at a product that is in the public eye right now. The product is named “AlgoMaster System.”

Key Features

  • Created By Trader Named James Torn
  • Provides Automated Solution For Binary Options Trading
  • Easy For All Users
  • Earn Unlimited Money Over Time
  • Free Access To Software
  • Provides Full Summary Of Each Trade Made
  • Provides Detailed Income Information
  • Risk-Free Software

Bogus Earning Claims

Let’s start with the worst con of them all. What is the one thing a trader is going to fall for when it comes to AlgoMaster System? It is the claims that are being made.

They will state you can earn thousands of dollars in a day and not lose a penny. They will state how you won’t have to move a finger either. This is one of the worst positions to be in for a new trader because you might fall for it and that’s the mistake to avoid.

Bogus earning claims are a clear sign of what’s wrong with this solution. It’s looking to fish out naive leads.

Fake Creator

James Torn Fake Actor
James Torn Fake Actor

Now, you’re going to be sitting there and asking about James Torn. Who is this man? Is he real? Is he fake?

Well, after a lot of research through Google and other credible sources, it’s clear there is no one named James Torn. This is a made up character that has been crafted by those who are running the scam. You get to hear about random claims where he’s earned money using the same algorithm.

It’s unfortunate they still use the same script when it comes to the scam. It’s been repeatedly seen over the years.

The creator is not real.

Random Testimonials

Going through the site, there are multiple testimonials put up stating this is a great software solution and one every trader should be using. This is wonderful, but they aren’t real, and that puts another nail in the coffin.

There is no legitimacy behind the testimonials, and those people are probably not even aware of their photos being used.

The names are made up, and these are not real individuals who are using the software. Instead, they have been made up on the spot by the scammers running this show.

Nothing Is Automated

What is the primary claim they make along with how much money can be earned? They talk about “automation” and how the live trade signals will make it easy for the computer to trade for you. This sounds nice, doesn’t it? You can sit back, sip on pina coladas, and watch as the money rolls in.

Does this sound reasonable?

No, and it isn’t. They set you up with these claims. The software isn’t automated. They’re just looking for the deposit to go through so the money is put into their pockets and they can move to the next person.

  • Fake Logos From “Credible” Brands
  • $250 Scam Through Deposit Requirement

How are they a scam? This is the question you’re going to ask when it comes to AlgoMaster System.

The way they’re going to make money is simple. The goal is to get you to sign up (for free), bring you to the main interface, and ask for an initial deposit. In essence, you get nothing for free. They’re just redirecting you to another page where the money will be put into their pockets.

Do not deposit money with any software including AlgoMaster System when such claims are made.

They are duping you and it’s important not to fall for it.

Follow Same Old Patterns

This is not a new scam. In fact, it is often the same people who are rehashing their tricks with a new cover. It is essential to overlook those who set things up in this manner because they are scammers. You cannot deposit money beforehand as it is a significant risk.

They will take the money and run.

There is no receipt nor are you going to find that money after it’s deposited. They will create a fake excuse at best about how the money was lost. This is the reason they claim a 94.6% success rate. They can point to the remaining 5.4% and state that’s the reason you lost out.

Do not get lost in these scams as they have been seen again and again. The same goes for AlgoMaster System by James Torn.

Nothing Beyond Main Screen

Let’s say you decide to go through the interface and want to see how it looks. This is a good step to take, so you get a feel for what is on the other side. However, there is nothing present beyond the first screen that’s going to direct you to make a deposit.

Yes, they are that bold with the scam.

They look to get you through the door and then take your money. It is an age-old scam and one that is bewildering at best. The fact anyone can fall for this is the reason the review has to be written. It is a joke.

Concluding Opinion

It’s a disastrous product and one that is going to waste time for anyone who signs up. Just putting your information onto the sign-up page is risky enough. They will have this information to use as they please. Do not let it happen.

It is best to steer clear of this software and go with proven solutions that are not scams.

Binary options are great as long as you do your research and understand how the niche works. As long as you do this, scams of this nature aren’t going to bother you in the long-term.

Have you been scammed by James Torn’s AlgoMaster System?  Leave comments below, share your experience and  help the community  to make informed decisions.

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