Jack James Pay My Vacation – It Is A Scam To Be Avoided!


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There are people talking about the Jack James Pay My Vacation, one of the latest offerings in the forex market. If you have heard about this system, you might be wondering if it is a good choice for you to invest in.

We are dedicated to checking out the latest software offerings that utilize binary trading to help inform people like you of which ones are good investments and which you should stay away from. As far as this piece goes, run, don’t walk, away from the scam known as the Jack James Pay My Vacation.

The ad for this scam opens with several up close shots of bikini-clad women. While everyone knows that sex sells, this blatant use of the female body without relevant information with it is pretty lame. I mean, really. However, this is just the start of what is wrong with this binary trading option.

Where Is Jack James?


One of the most noticeable things about the intro is that Jack James chooses to remain anonymous. Tons of people are telling him thanks and attributing great levels of success to him. But his face is not shown.

The men, women and couples who are promoting this are obviously paid actors. From the looks of it, not very highly paid actors. These folks sometimes stumble over their lines and certainly do not seem comfortable discussing the six and seven digit figures they are claiming to have made from using the Pay My Vacation software.

One of these actors, an attractive woman, talks about wanting to meet Jack so she could kiss him. Again, cheesy and sleazy use of sex to distract the viewer.

Vague At Best

The Pay My Vacation scam is supposed to bring you enough money to never need to work again. In fact, the website states that you can make up to $17,989.79 per day. This large number comes out of the air and has no explanation. Really, how does that calculate in any real world?

That comes out to just under $750 per hour. But, that is not exact. In fact, the number does not seem to correlate to anything. However, if a scam artist wants to toss out a big number, this is the way to do it. Don’t be mistaken into thinking that there is some masterful calculation behind that amount. There isn’t!

Fake Photos

During the commercial, he and others claim to be living a life of dreams. Picture after picture are flashed about what the speaker, “Jack,” says are his real life. Well, the locations and people change dramatically and he is never in them.

In fact, if you look at the photos that are provided throughout the video, these stills look much like the free pictures you can find online for use.

But, these false photos serve a purpose. They are there to entice hard working folks like you into paying out your money for the scam. After all, who doesn’t dream about having their own water ski, island resort cabin, yacht any other luxuries shown?

Now, it is true that the scammers who rip off people such as yourself might have the money for such things. But this is not from using the software being peddled. Instead, their money comes from tricking people into thinking that there is an easy and fast way to get away from the nine to five grind.

Super High Pressure Sales Tactics

At one point in the presentation, you are told that you will have less than two minutes to make your decision once the offer is presented. That is ridiculous! No legitimate business puts those types of things out there. People have the right to think about what to do with their money and this type of pressure is designed to take away your thinking time.

The pressure goes on to say that one minute and twenty-three seconds after the offer is given to you it must be taken or the next person will move up in the queue. The scammers present this information as though they are giving you a gift with this little secret.



The Jack James Pay My Vacation is a complete scam designed to con people out of their money. Although binary trading is a great way to make money, this rip-off program is not the way to do it. You will find that there are some good programs out there.

We strive to find and review all of them for you and our other readers. We will tell you about the legitimate ones and the ones to avoid.

Giving money to the Jack James Pay My Vacation will take you further away from your vacation dreams, not closer as the website claims!


Have you been scammed by Jack James Pay My Vacation?  Leave comments below, share your experience and  help the community  to make informed decisions.

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